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5 Best Games for a 10-minute Break in Your Workflow

by Bradley Nice, Content Manager at ClickHelp — all-in-one help authoring tool

Can you imagine a day full of tasks, writing, routine, and making things done? You are concentrated on your text, trying to explain highly sophisticated things in a simple way. You are racking your brains. Sounds familiar? I should think so! In a moment like this, all you need is a short ten-minute break and a simple game for you to relax and go on working.

One of My Favorites Is Candy Crush Saga

I bet you know it. A funny puzzle game where you swap colored candies to match three or more so that they get eliminated. New candies appear, which can create new matches. You will have a lot of power-ups like matches of four or more candies and many other boosters that become available for you as you move from level to level. They can help you blow up almost all the candies! It is something very simple and catching. Just a couple of levels, and you are ready to write again.

Another Endless Love Is Wood Cube Puzzle

It is a puzzle game as well. You need to combine various types of blocks in a limited space. When the line is full, it simply gets eliminated. If the blocks fill in all the space — you lose. It is a variation of a game that many of us loved in our childhood. A flashback to the past, so to say. But it is really good when you need to refresh your mind and mood in your workflow.

Virtual Table Tennis — I am Hooked on It!

It is a great table tennis game! It simulates various ways of a strike and gives the feeling that the game is highly real. Besides, it is a multiplayer. So you can meet opponents who have various styles. It really helps you focus without being tired and washed out. Just concentration and energy in every strike! The right thing to get the inspiration that we are eager to find.

Hungry Shark Evolution — a Great Thing to Ease Tension!

A really wonderful game to ease up. From time to time, I feel irritated because something goes wrong with my writing. My text is not as clear and neat as I want it to be. We all have moments like that. What I need is to leave it for some time and get back to it a bit later with a new approach. Hungry Shark Evolution is really helpful in a situation like that. You become a shark. You eat and crush everything on your way to survive! Sometimes with no rules at all. You cross the ocean and chill everyone to the bone! After a short break with this game, I really calm down and get back to work with a new look.

Angry Gran Run — a Bit of Madness to Your Work

Now you are an angry gran running from the asylum! You run, jump, pick up the coins, change costumes and face a lot of funny and insane things and obstacles on your way. What can be better than a game that can make you smile? It is the right thing to bring something new to your work.

So, playing games is what I usually do to relax and cheer up when I have a lot of routines. The main idea is to divert my attention without losing the ability to concentrate and work. I improve my efficiency like that. Of course, I have some other things to cope with the routine. Like exercises. But that is a totally different story.

Have a nice day!

Bradley Nice, Content Manager at ClickHelp.com — best online documentation tool for SaaS vendors



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