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Best Holiday Gifts for Technical Writers

by ClickHelp — professional help authoring tool

The winter holidays are coming. The luckiest of us have already bought presents for their family, friends, and colleagues. But figuring out the perfect gift is not something everyone is equally good at.

We have decided to create this blog post to make your lives a bit easier. Here are some great gift ideas for technical writers and IT geeks in general.

Writing/Gaming Setup

One of the greatest gifts for a person who spends a lot of time in front of a computer is something that would make this time more comfortable. An ergonomic chair is a great choice, for sure. Anything ‘ergonomic’ can work: a mouse, a keyboard. These devices are designed with human anatomy in mind, so your body muscles will feel more relaxed, which is important when you have to spend 8+ hours using these devices.

Keyboard is actually an awesome choice for a techcomm specialist. Basically, it is the main tool of any tech writer. Check out our post on the best and geekiest keyboards for technical writers to get an idea of what your choices are. Pay special attention to mechanical keyboards. Although they can be pricey, you might hit a score with such a gift.

If your IT friends are into gaming, you can also consider buying them a limited edition of their favorite game, or some quality merch/artwork. Just make sure they don’t already have it :)

Books/Learning Courses

Books are still awesome presents, and, we believe, it will stay this way. You can go two ways about it: buy an educational book or an entertaining one. The latter would go great with some cookies or other snacks to nibble on while resting the mind from work.

As for educational books, you can also consider buying an online training course as a gift. We know that many tech writers are into self-development, so, providing them with this opportunity to grow sounds great and thoughtful.

There is a plethora of online training courses for technical writers of different levels, you will definitely find a suitable one.

Environment-Friendly Products

More and more people are getting seriously concerned about the humanity’s impact on the environment. And, it is high time we did. It all starts with the smallest things, so let’s try revising some of our bad consumer habits.

There are brilliant gift ideas that can make this world a better place. For example, a lot of technical writers who work in the office do meal preps and bring food from home in lunch boxes. Consider buying a glass food container as a gift — it preserves food better, lasts so much longer, and it is safer environment-wise.

Another clever present idea is a set of reusable straws. They come in different shapes and colors and look pretty awesome, too.

If you are low on budget, a canvas shopping bag can work. These also come in different designs and they are helping with the horrid plastic pollution situation that has been going on for a while now.


What is your perfect present? Do you take your gift responsibilities seriously, or do you like some silly tiny presents made just for a good laugh? In any case, we hope that you have found some of our gift ideas useful and now you are fully prepared to embrace the winter holiday cheer :)

Good luck with your technical writing!
ClickHelp Team
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