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Letter sent on Apr 17

ClickHelp March 2019 Release Overview — Aurora Polaris

The Aurora Polaris ClickHelp update is bringing to the table. In today’s newsletter, we are giving you an overview of some of those remarkable changes in our product that will make your technical writing easier. Get ready for the showdown!

New Smoother Review Process

This is how Review Comments and ToDo items look in a TOC — you can easily see where you have unresolved items, and act on them.

To make the review process even more efficient, we’ve added a complete list of all review comments in the current topic. Even better — the list is available both in the editing and in the reading mode.

You can now give links to specific review comments to your teammates, and you’ll get those links from the same review comments list. On top of that, the list will also show you all resolved and deleted comments, in case you ever need to go back in time and check what happened to some of the comments you added before.

More Agile Help Authoring

In this latest update, we have significantly improved the publishing process. Now, you can publish or update separate topics that you select, instead of the whole documentation project.

This means that you no longer have to wait for every single topic to be ready for a technical documentation update — become more agile with ClickHelp, and make your help topics available to readers right as soon as they are finished.

Better Navigation Inside User Manuals

In ClickHelp, you are able to directly influence search results for different help topics using taxonomies. Taxonomies are groups of keywords that are represented hierarchically, and you can assign them to any help topic to make it show up in search results for specific queries.

Extremely Powerful Full-Text Search Engine

We always took pride in our unique patented full-text search engine, and, we are happy to inform you that we actually never stopped improving it. This update features an improved search engine for full-text search — expect the search results within your online documentation portal to be even more precise. When searching, you can now use the asterisk wildcard (for example, searching for “app*” will give you both “apple” and “application”), as well as logical expressions.

Take Advantage of Readability Score and More Metrics

Our team knows what a struggle it can be to figure out metrics to evaluate a user guide quality — there is definitely no unified solution for this. That’s why we have decided to equip you with as many tools for text analysis as possible. Starting with things as simple as word count, syllable count and ending with complex Readability Scores.

You can find a full list of all changes the Aurora Polaris update brings to ClickHelp here: What’s New in ClickHelp Aurora Polaris.

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Good luck with your technical writing!
ClickHelp Team

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