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Free UI design kits: best places and resources to get them (for Sketch, Adobe XD, Figma and the rest)

by Bradley Nice, Content Manager at ClickHelp.com — online documentation tool

There are times where you don’t have time to make design for your app, or you work alone and would love to share what you’ve coded but design is not your thing. Or you need a foundation to build upon and create something beautiful faster. This is where UI design kits come in play. I’ve gathered a list of several design kits and resources where you can find them. Some are for Sketch, some for Figma, some in PSD format — choose what suits you best.

Social Apps UI Kits

Tinder iOS UI Kit Sketch Resource

What: Yeah, you guessed it — a dating app resource. Contains 15 views like Settings, Home, Like, Profile, etc.

Format: Sketch

Momento UI kit Sketch Resource

What: Social media app UI. Plenty of screens, images and palettes.

Format: Sketch

Design social network UI files

What: Bright and colorful community app design files with five Artboards: Profile, Activity, Articles, Videos, News.

Format: Sketch, Principle

Snap UI kit

What: Photo app kit with over 50 screens and lots of elements like icons and buttons

Format: Sketch


What: Another cool social app UI kit done by InVision team. Suitable for desktop, mobile, tablet and even smartwatch designs.

Format: Sketch, PSD

Moon heart UI kit for Adobe XD

What: Colorful UI kit for image sharing app. As many as 23 screens of different categories. Made for iPhone X.

Format: XD

iOS 12 UI Kits

Apple design resources

What: Of course, there’s always an official design resources for Apple devices you can use.

Format: Sketch, Keynote, PSD, XD

Mail App Concept resource

What: 10 screens from iOS 12 Mail app and lots of useful UI elements.

Format: Sketch

iOS 12 App Icon Template

What: icon template for Apple devices. Automatically resize them in groups or set up individual properties.

Format: Sketch

Travel Apps UI Kits

Travel App Sketch UI kit

What: a high-quality UI kit with awesome color scheme and neatly organized mobile screens.

Format: Sketch

Navigo iOS UI kit

What: 60 screens in several categories for travel apps with elements of social profiles.

Format: XD

Travel Guide App UI kit

What: not just a UI kit, but a real app concept, which you are free to use.

Format: Sketch

Travelisto UI kit

What: travel app prototyping UI kit with 22 screens in bright and dark variations.

Format: Sketch

Harmony UI kit

What: hiking app kit with functionality like finding and rating hiking routes (and sharing, of course). 10+ iOS ready screens with neat color scheme.

Format: Sketch

Lets Go Travel iOS UI kit

What: personal travel app kit. Screens for choosing flights, train and bus tickets and all the usual stuff a traveler needs. Has only 6 screens though.

Format: Sketch

Food recipes UI kits

FLAVR iOS app concept

What: nicely designed, well laid-out cooking app UI kit. What you waiting for?

Format: Sketch

Delicious UI kit

What: 11 screens and an interesting design with vibrant colors.

Format: Sketch

iOS Recipes App UI kit

What: yet another recipe app UI Kit for iOS. Like in the previous one, 11 screens as well. The accent color is somewhat similar, but the design is more minimalistic.

Format: Sketch

1357 Recipe App UI kit

What: This UI kit consists of 25 screens and besides recipes screens has stuff like Menu, Quotes and the like.

Format: Sketch

Edacious — Food App psd UI kit

What: initially, Edacious was a paid design, but after the client turned it down, the authors decided to make it a free UI kit. There’s 18 screens and a bonus landing page.

Format: PSD

Chat & Messenger UI kits

Chat UI Design Kit

What: A great foundation on which you will be able to build your own awesome thing.

Format: Sketch, PDF, EPS, PNG

Mochi — Chat UI kit

What: Most of the basic screens you will need to start designing your chat app.

Format: Sketch

Chat: Minimal UI kit

What: This one really stands out — 60 (!) templates in 12 categories and over 75 UI elements.

Format: Sketch, PSD

WeChat — iOS UI kit

What: This one has lots of assets of the Chinese messaging app and comes in two languages.

Format: Sketch

Telegram iOS UI kit

What: Originally developed for Russian market, Telegram is pretty big nowadays. This UI kit contains Contacts, Contact Search, Contact Search — Query, Bot Welcome, Charts, and Dialog views.

Format: Sketch

Ego — Messenger UI kit

What: a clean UI kit, made entirely in Russian. But don’t let that scare you — you need the design, right? And it’s very cool and minimal with 20 screens and minimalistic icons.

Format: XD

eCommerce UI kits

Minimal Chic iOS UI kit

What: a UI kit made with style! Specifically made for iOS devices with several screens like product categories, account settings and the like.

Format: XD

Portal freebie

What: Bold heading fonts and an elegant design make up this wonderful mobile e-commerce app ui kit.

Format: Sketch

Wilhelm iOS UI kit

What: Suitable for both social app and e-commerce app, this customizable UI kit for iOS comes with several screens like Sign In, Menu and Walkthrough.

Format: Sketch

Helen iOS UI kit

What: with 11 screens of high quality, this ui kit makes it easy to start designing women clothing app from ground up.

Format: Sketch, PSD

Mcommerce UI kit

What: I bet you are not ready for the number that comes next… OVER 120 SCREENS. Yes, there is a 0 after 12. Very clean and very stylish.

Format: Sketch

Various cool UI kits

Bronze UI kit

What: Mobile-first UI kit with several screens like Blog, User Profile and Sign Up.

Format: PSD

iOS 11 Place UI kit

What: Augmented reality UI kit with 22 screens for iOS 11 (not that old yet!) and a handful of vector icons.

Format: Sketch

Movies App UI kit

What: Netflix app-like UI kit. Has 30 screens and a bright-colored design.

Format: Sketch

Elements: iOS UI kit by Sketch

What: Five themes, 35 templates and almost 200 symbols! Various screens for different types of apps: Social, Food, Travel and others.

Format: Sketch

Holo Music Dark and Light kits

What: Modern and colorful music app UI kit in two variants.

Format: Sketch

Phew! I think that’s it for now. Most likely, I will edit this post and add new stuff as I come across it. If you have any suggestions, feel free to comment!

Have a nice day!

Bradley Nice, Content Manager at ClickHelp.com — best online documentation tool for SaaS vendors




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