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Facebook Scandal, Apple iOS 12 & Other Hottest Tech News of the Week

by ClickHelp — best software documentation tool

Technology is constantly evolving and it’s hard to keep up with it. Social media supplies us with tons of unnecessary information that disorients us and makes our heads boil. That’s why we’ve picked the most trending tech news for you not to get lost in the information overload. Today we’ll tell about the recent Facebook scandal, Skype’s new feature and upcoming Apple iOS 12.

Facebook Scandal Hit 87M Users

Christopher Wylie said tens of millions of people’s Facebook data was improperly shared with Cambridge Analytica, who he used to work for.

In 2014, 270,000 people used an app to take a quiz. But the app harvested data from the quiz users’ friends as well amounting to millions of people. So Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg has been asked to explain himself. The data was used without proper consent to allegedly influence the 2016 US election. Cambridge Analytica is accused of buying the data and using it to psychologically profile people and target them with ads and ‘fake news’ to help President Trump’s campaign. The UK firm says that it played a ‘pivotal role’ in winning the US presidential race and it can provide data to “drive your voters to the polls and win your campaign”.

You might also want to pass the Big Five personality test without Facebook login:

Microsoft Skype’s Announced Call Recording Feature

Microsoft is working on a new feature for Skype, which will allow call recording through third-party apps including Xsplit, Wirecast and Vmix.

Recently Microsoft announced that Windows 10 and Mac users will be able to select the Content Creators mode to place and record calls directly within NewTek NDI®–enabled software.

“Now in preview, Skype for Content Creators is designed to open new interactive possibilities for our users all over the world — including leading digital broadcasters, streamers, and vloggers — to record videos, podcasts, and live streaming calls without having to invest in expensive studio equipment.”

Apart from the new call recording feature, Skype will also make possible to live stream a call on YouTube and Twitch and allow users to customize the look of the call.

“Users can customise the look and feel of the call so they can be part of a live show ready for streaming to audiences of all sizes”.

Microsoft is going to unveil Skype’s new recording feature next week at the NAB show in Las Vegas.

Apple iOS 12: Likely Features, Enhancements & More

This year Apple is expected to launch iOS 12. Rumor has it there are lots of new features and enhancements to expect.

Every June Apple announces a new version of iOS at its annual developer’s conference WWDC. In two months the company is expected to launch a new iOS version. This year Apple is said to be focussing on overall performance than on adding new features. Here’s what rumors suggest about the upcoming Apple iOS 12.

  • The return of ‘Slide to unlock’

Apple removed the ‘Slide to Unlock’ feature from iPhones in iOS 10 (launched in 2016). Users were pushed towards using the TouchID-based home button to unlock their devices. But they say that the feature may make a comeback in iOS 12.

  • Shazam may get integrated into iPhones and iPads

In 2017 Apple acquired Shazam, one of the widely-used music discovery and song recognition app. it is quite conceivable that Shazam may get integrated into Siri in iOS 12.

  • Major enhancements in Parental Controls

Apple investors have been long pressurising the company to improve parental controls. This may mean that Apple will add password lock for each app to prevent kids from misusing them.

  • FaceTime may get the group-calling feature

Group-calling feature has long been present in Skype, Facebook Messenger and others, but Apple’s FaceTime seems to fail at staying current. That’s why FaceTime is expected to finally get group video calling feature with iOS 12.

  • New emojis may be coming

New emojis are also likely to arrive with the new iOS. Last month, Emojipedia announced 150 new emoji characters. But is Apple going to add any of them to iOS 12? Time will show.

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