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How to Love Your Job

by Bradley Nice, Content Manager at ClickHelp — all-in-one help authoring tool

It is not an easy task to find a job that you would love. An ideal job presupposes a lot of things: high income, a balance between work and private life, flexible schedule, amazing projects, bonuses (insurance or gym), the ability to become a great expert in your field, and many other things. Do you think it is real? To tell the truth, I do not think so. But is your job as bad as you think? Are you sure you cannot love it?

If you are reading this post, I am sure that something makes you feel frustrated at work: rude colleagues, lack of personal life, tight deadlines, low income — anything. This is a common thing. Let us figure out whether your job is really that terrible. I am sure that it is not that bad =)

Be Positive

Try to think of all those good things your job gives you. If your income is high enough, you have a lot of opportunities: a large house, a new car, traveling abroad, or an ability to support other members of your family. If you do not earn much, it does not mean that you are not getting anything. You may acquire a good deal of experience that will help you grow as an expert in the future. You may have an opportunity of changing the lives of other people for the better. You may find very good friends due to your job. This can be a long list. Every job has something positive. It depends on you whether you see it or not.

Things to Improve

Make a list of what you do not like about your job. It can be anything: too many tasks, too complicated work, noisy colleagues, gossips, inconvenient workplace, etc. Then figure out how to improve these things. If you are not competent enough for some tasks, perhaps a tutorial may help you, or a more experienced colleague may instruct you. If you are upset about what some of your teammates say or do, reduce the time you spend with them and choose more positive people to communicate at work. If something is wrong with your workplace, you can change your monitor, table, chair, tune the air conditioner, etc. You will definitely feel better after the improvements, and your attitude to your job will change.

Build Relations

One of the best things you can do at work is to get to know your colleagues better. If you find a couple of good friends at work, that would be great. Your emotional state will improve. There should always be a time for a short coffee break with a good talk. These people may become the ones who understand you and support you. Moreover, you can build connections outside the company. Meetups, conferences, and other events for the experts in your field will help you grow as an expert, learn something new, and probably find a better position. Use every chance to get to know people.

Be Productive

Deadlines…They are a nightmare =) But they make the work of the whole company efficient. We cannot help that. But we can improve ourselves to do everything in time. First of all, when you are at work, stop wasting your time (checking social networks, browsing websites, reading articles that have nothing to do with your work). Step by step, you will see that you do more. Plan your day: the most challenging things in the morning, other things in the afternoon. One of my recent posts was devoted to this topic. You can check it to learn more — ‘How to Develop Self-Discipline at Work’.

Ask for Help

Do not be afraid to ask for help. Some people simply cannot say that they have too much work, and they do not cope with it. This does not mean that you are unprofessional. Perhaps, your daily task must be reduced. Perhaps, you need to delegate minor tasks if you have a leading position. Leave the most important thing for yourself. Easy things can be done by less experienced workers.

Have a Rest

Yes, having a good rest is an essential part of a successful career. If you do not relax, you do not get enough strength to go on working. You do not have enough inspiration to be creative and to solve your daily problems at work in an unconventional way. What does a good rest mean? It is not only about sleeping enough. It is about having fun, changing the scene, and new emotions. My post ‘Hobbies to Inspire Your Work’ may give you a couple of ideas of what can give you the inner balance and positive emotions.

That is what helps me enjoy my work and find a balance between my professional and personal life. What helps you? Please share it with us.

Have a nice day!

Bradley Nice, Content Manager at ClickHelp.com — best online documentation tool for SaaS vendors



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