Jhon Cruz is a Colombia-based mobile engineer and was the first full-time engineer at Levels. Here, Jhon shares the advice he gives other programmers living outside America about joining a U.S. company.

Written by Jhon Cruz, Levels Engineer

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My Background

I got an undergraduate degree and a graduate degree in computer science here in Colombia. While I was at university, I got a scholarship to study in Germany, and I got a job at a startup while I was there. That was my first taste of the messiness of a startup, and I…

Written by Sam Corcos, Levels co-founder and CEO


We’re publishing all our monthly investor updates going forward with a 12-month delay, so you’ll get to see what Levels was like one year ago — all the way back to the very start of the company. We’ll publish the newest update on the 1st of every month.

We’re also publishing our team all-hands meetings, the Levels Friday Forum, after a 12-month delay. These will be published weekly.

In this article, we describe why we’re publishing our internal company documents, and how this helps us achieve our mission of solving the metabolic…

[Click here to listen to Ben discuss this idea in more detail on an episode of the Whole New Level podcast.]

Most companies, when asked, would say they are committed to a great customer experience. But what does that really mean? How does it influence daily decision-making and long-term strategy?

Those are the questions that we asked ourselves when we came up with the company goal of becoming an NPS Unicorn — a company with an NPS score higher than 90. …


Stories from inside Levels, the startup aiming to reverse the metabolic health crisis

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