LEVER Governance Staking Now Live! 2,000,000,000 LVR Up for Grabs

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2 min readOct 16, 2023

We are happy to share that the LEVER Governance Staking Program is now live! Users with LEVER tokens can head over to the staking portal to participate in staking:

Staking Portal: https://gov.leverfi.io/stake

Governance Staking Guide

Step 1: Choose the Staking Multiplier and Stake Your LEVER

Based on the Lock Duration, a Staking Multiplier is applied to generate xLEVER tokens:

  • 30 Days Lock: 1x Multiplier (1,000,000 LEVER = 1,000,000 xLEVER)
  • 60 Days Lock: 2x Multiplier (1,000,000 LEVER = 2,000,000 xLEVER)
  • 90 Days Lock: 3x Multiplier (1,000,000 LEVER = 3,000,000 xLEVER)

In effect, a Governance Node who locks up 1,000,000 LEVER for three months can expect to earn the same amount of Governance Points as a Governance Node who locks up 3,000,000 LEVER for one month.

This means that users with less LEVER but willing to make longer-term commitments and contributions can still have strong representation in governance, and have the same voice as larger holders.

Step 2: Stake xLEVER to earn Governance Points (LVR)

The xLEVER tokens can be staked to earn Governance Points, which are accumulated as LVR.

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