LeverPro Exclusive: LVR BRC20 Token Launch

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2 min readFeb 22, 2024


Users who staked LEVER tokens have earned LVR as part of their participation, with the first staking epoch completed.

LVR: A Privileges Enhancement Token

Currently, LEVER holders can participate in high potential project launches on LeverPro by staking LEVER.

However, due to high demand from outstanding project launches, with the lastest launch of ORNJ delivering +1,400+% return, the allocation for new projects are always high competitive.

Hence, LEVER holders who stake are given allocations based on a Lucky Draw Lottery System, and not everyone is guaranteed an allocation.

This is where LVR comes into play. LVR confers additional launchpad privileges for LeverPro participants (subject to a minimum staking of 5,000,000 xLEVER at snapshot), specifically:

(a) guaranteed / priority allocations of Golden Tickets; and

(b) Top of the range allocation sizes for new project launches on LeverPro.

This means that LVR provides an enhancement option for users to access exclusive features on the LeverPro launchpad.

Launch of LVR on BRC20

Following completion of the first LVR staking epoch, users who have earned LVR will be able to claim LVR on the LeverPro Launch Portal.

LVR is issued on the BRC20 network. Following release of LVR, we will work to list LVR for trading on the Binance and OKX inscription marketplaces.

This allows for LVR to be traded between users, making it an exciting way for LeverPro participants to shape how they want to access specific new project launches.

More details will be released soon on the next steps for LEVER stakers to claim and trade LVR!


*Due to ticker name restrictions on BRC20, LVR will be issued as LEVP*

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