LeverPro Integrates Runes Ahead of Bitcoin Halving

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2 min readApr 18, 2024


We are excited to share that LeverPro has completed an integration with Runes Protocol ahead of the Bitcoin halving. With this integration, LeverPro will be the first launchpad to offer new, exciting Runes projects to our community!

For projects launching on Runes and looking for support to get started, we are ready to help! With LeverPro, you can access:

  • Technical assistance with Runes etchings and token deployment
  • A high functioning community distribution platform for users to claim your tokens
  • A strong, dedicated Bitcoin and BRC20 user base
  • Marketing support including access to our influencer networks to support your launch

Project teams can reach out to LeverPro for a discussion at:

  • Email: launch@leverfi.io
  • Telegram: @CharissaK
  • Twitter: @LeverPro

About Runes Protocol

The Runes Protocol is a fungible token standard on Bitcoin, and is released by Casey Rodarmor, the creator of Ordinals and the BRC20 standard.

The Runes Protocol is deployed in the same block as the Bitcoin halving block (block 840,000).

The Runes standard is a unique protocol that introduces a UTXO-based fungible token system into the Bitcoin network. It simplifies the creation and management of tokens, reduces blockchain bloat, and improves scalability, presenting a more streamlined and efficient alternative to traditional models like BRC-20.

To learn more about Runes: https://docs.ordinals.com/introduction.html

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