OmniZK: OmniRelayer and User Delegation Program

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3 min readApr 10, 2024


Today, we are excited to release the OmniRelayer and User Delegation Program for the OmniZK protocol, the first and leading secure validation layer for scaling Bitcoin.

The OmniRelayer and User Delegation Program is focused around fulfilling three key objectives for the OmniZK network:

(A) Security

  • OmniRelayers secure the network by operating the validation software for secure contract signings.
  • Remote attestations are required to ensure that operator code integrity is upheld.

(B) Functionality

  • OmniRelayers nodes are further split into two defined operator roles: (i) OmniWatchers and (ii) OmniSigners.
  • OmniWatchers listen for on-chain events and generate proofs for event outcomes using the zkOracles framework. OmniWatchers also handles generic messaging for the network.
  • OmniSigners create and warehouse CETs, generate signatures and undertake message signing as an oracle for a DLC after verifying a proof within a Trusted Execution Environment.
  • Threshold signing by >70% of the OmniSigners are required to fully execute a DLC signature.

(C) Growth and Governance

  • OmniRelayers also participate in the growth and governance of the OmniZK network through application development, technical improvements and community marketing.
  • Marketers and community leaders can participate in the growth and governance of the OmniZK protocol as “OmniCaptains”.
  • This is a non-technical function and does not require operating servers, but remain eligible for to participate in the network rewards.

In the process of fulfilling the above network objectives, OmniRelayers earn staking rewards and network gas fees.

For more information on OmniRelayers roles, please reference:

Developer teams, network operators, marketers and community leaders can apply to join the OmniRelayer Program here:

OmniRelayer Requirements

Hardware Requirements

  • 32GB RAM
  • 1TB NVMe SSD
  • Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
  • CPU compilant with SGX
  • Motherboard with support for SGX in the BIOS

LEVER Staking

  • OmniRelayers who are technical operators are required to stake LEVER tokens to become an operator.
  • OmniRelayers who attempt to act dishonestly may suffer economic penalties on their staked LEVER.
  • LEVER tokens staked by an OmniRelayer technical operator must comprise at least 20% of (staked + delegated) amount to become a functioning OmniRelayer.

User Delegation and Governance

Users may delegate their LEVER to OmniRelayers who align with their governance ethos, and choose network operators who best represent the community interests.

Users earn staking rewards and network gas fees alongside their chosen operators as they engage in network governance.

OmniRelayers may also independently engage and grow users for their dApps by running their own airdrops, points programs and community incentives.

Users delegating the rewards to OmniRelayers do not suffer any economic penalties, but may lose out on staking rewards and contract gas fees if they continue to support bad actors.

Apply To Join As OmniRelayer

Validators and developers who are keen to

Onboarding priority for OmniRelayers will be given to teams who are undertaking the following activities:


  • Developer teams who are in active development / planning to develop decentralized applications (dApps) on Bitcoin using DLCs, and ready to use OmniZK to operate their dApps.


  • LEVER stakers with a track record of involvement in supporting LeverFi ecosystem products and wish to operate an OmniRelayer node.

Marketers / Community Leaders

  • Marketers and community leaders who are ready and willing to promote the OmniZK ecosystem, with a focus on onboarding new users for dApps, supporting thoughtful governance and educating user communities.

Developer teams, network operators, marketers and community leaders can apply to join the OmniRelayer Program here:

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