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Protocol Upgrades: New Features Development and Trader Incentives Program Adjustment

Dear LeverFi community, following the soft beta release of the LeverFi platform, we have engaged with early users who shared their feedback on the protocol after using.

We are happy to share that we are incorporating part of this product feedback to improve the LeverFi platform functionalities, and enhance users’ experience.

The following features will be prioritized for development in Q1 2023:

  • Automated leveraged accumulator vaults
  • Automated grid trading vaults

The above features are expected to substantially improve and enhance user experiences, reducing the need for high-touch active management and allowing users to participate in automated dollar-cost-averaging or range trading strategies.

Automated vaults also have the added benefit of socializing gas fees across a pool of participants, resulting in net gas savings.

As the protocol undergoes the upgrades, the Trader Incentives Program shall take a pause, while the platform’s functionalities are being developed. Trade Months 2 and 3 will no longer take place for the Trader Incentives Program. The program will be relaunched at a later stage, once the new developments are ready, to onboard new users.

The above represents a small part of the protocol’s 2023 roadmap. With new exciting initiatives and developments upcoming, we are excited to present a refreshed 2023 development timeline for our community within this month!

About LeverFi

LeverFi is the first on-chain, cross-margin platform on Ethereum, offering DeFi users a best-in-class leveraged trading platform.

Join us as we usher in the latest improvements to the existing DeFi infrastructure, reduced user friction, and enhanced security for our users.

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Traders earn yield on collateral, while leverage trading at up to 10x on LeverFi.

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