Stake To Earn and Trade LEVERPRO•POINTS on Runes!

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3 min readMay 15, 2024


We are excited to share that LEVERPRO•POINTS (formerly LVR) will launch on the Runes protocol on 21st May 2024!

With Staking Epoch I completed, users may claim their LEVERPRO•POINTS on the LeverPro launch portal on the launch date:


Currently, LEVER holders can participate in high potential project launches on LeverPro by staking LEVER.

However, due to high demand from outstanding project launches, such as ORNJ delivering a stellar ~14x return, the allocation for new projects are always highly competitive.

Hence, LEVER holders who stake are given allocations based on a Lucky Draw Lottery System. However, not everyone can be guaranteed an allocation due to the scarcity.

This is where LEVERPRO•POINTS come into play.

LEVERPRO•POINTS confers additional launchpad privileges for LeverPro participants (subject to a minimum staking of 5,000,000 xLEVER at snapshot), specifically:

(a) guaranteed / priority allocations of Golden Tickets; and

(b) Top of the range allocation sizes for new project launches on LeverPro.

This means that LEVERPRO•POINTS provides an enhancement option for users to access exclusive features on the LeverPro launchpad.

Stake LEVER To Participate in Staking Epoch II

Users with LEVER tokens can head over to the Staking Portal to participate in staking and earn LEVERPRO•POINTS:

Staking Epoch II will start on 21st May 2024 for a period of approx. 3 months. 2,000,000,000 LEVERPRO•POINTS will be distributed to the LEVER staking community in this staking epoch.

Based on the Lock Duration, a Staking Multiplier is applied to generate xLEVER tokens:

  • 30 Days Lock: 1x Multiplier (1,000,000 LEVER = 1,000,000 xLEVER)
  • 60 Days Lock: 2x Multiplier (1,000,000 LEVER = 2,000,000 xLEVER)
  • 90 Days Lock: 3x Multiplier (1,000,000 LEVER = 3,000,000 xLEVER)

LEVERPRO•POINTS are distributed to users based in proportion to the xLEVER they have in stake.

In effect, staking 1,000,000 LEVER for three months will earn the same amount of LEVERPRO•POINTS as staking 3,000,000 LEVER for one month.

This means that users with less LEVER can earn equal rewards through making longer-term commitments.

We look forward to users participating in the LEVER Staking Program!

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