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$LEVR — levr.ly’s value accrual token




Levr.ly products

$LEVR token — scarcity by design

  1. Value-for-value — Almost no tokens will go to any participant unless that participant has provably contributed to the project. This means LEVR tokens will only come into existence in exchange for work done, liquidity provided or token value locked.
  2. Patient FOMO — $LEVR will be sold using a sale mechanism that guarantees that if there is ever a large bout of FOMO buying, wether that is on day one, or day 1000, the levr.ly DAO and its token holders will be the primary beneficiaries.
  3. Revenue of last resort — The $LEVR sale mechanism will not raise money for a treasury but instead raise permanently locked liquidity against $LEVR and two uncorrelated, low level assets. This means that $LEVR will have a pool of liquidity that will always grow over time and suck in all $LEVR tokens, even if no other profitable activity occurs. We’ll write more about this in the near future.
  4. Extreme scarcity — $LEVR tokens will be minted on an ever increasing value curve. So the first handful of tokens will be extremely cheap and the last few, extremely expensive.

$LEVR creation mechanism

  1. $LEVR token will be minted to the $FRY treasury. This is to repay Foundry for seed funding it provided for Levr.ly.
  2. $LEVR tokens will be minted for the Levr.ly governance contract. This is so that there are funds for the DAO to spend on operational expenses. There are not team tokens, they will be under direct control of the DAO from day one. Another intent is to distribute this $LEVR to liquidity providers who hold LSPs.
  3. $LEVR tokens will go towards permanently locked liquidity.
  4. $LEVR tokens will be minted and sent to either a referrer who generated the lead or that amount will go to the levr.ly treasury.

Bribery — I meant, uhm, “yield farming” :-P




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