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What to farm to get maximum $LEVR

Since we’ve received some community feedback that more guidance would be appreciated in what to mine exactly to qualify for the $LEVR rewards.

To restate what has been previously communicated, all liquidity providers who were not previously rewarded for any period of time they provided liquidity will get a share of the initial $LEVR drop. This article is intended to make it clearer where liquidity can be deployed for maximal effect.

In short we need liquidity most essentially on the following 3 pools.

The first two pools above have 1% fees that go to the LP. All four optimise to increase the TVL of $dEth in addition to placing it where it can best facilitate speculation on $dEth by those looking for leveraged trades. $LEVR will be assigned based on the volume of trade of the above positions, so the more accurately you select the price range, the more $LEVR you will qualify for.

We recommend:

So far we’ve chosen Arbitrum because it is considerably cheaper than Ethereum mainnet, but provides us very long term guarantees about the safety of Levr.ly treasury funds.

The $LEVR seeding event will happen within the next 60 days. The exact quantities available for the liquidity incentives will depend on how many $LEVR get minted via sale contract. We’ll be communicating more about this over the next few weeks.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask on our Telegram.



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