5 Real-World Applications of the Proof Of Good Protocol by Leyline

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5 min readOct 27, 2021


Most charities depend on the efforts of a great many people, working together toward a common purpose, to fund their efforts and make significant impacts. Even if individual financial and volunteer contributions are in modest measure, together, the community’s cumulative impact makes large-scale change possible. This is best illustrated by organizations like the United Way Worldwide, who, in 2020, collected and distributed $3.6 billion in private donations, and World Central Kitchen, a charity which has served over 25 million meals to the hungry since 2010, and has continued to provide critical support during the current global pandemic.

Unfortunately, while this positive impact can be substantial, finding volunteers able to consistently donate time and money is a challenge. For better or worse, conventional economics continues to be a powerful driver of human behavior — which hasn’t traditionally rewarded altruistic endeavors. This paradigm is beginning to change. Blockchain technology, now coming into its early stride, has been the catalyst for multiple new business models which are being used to incentivize and reward in extraordinary ways. One such example is the ecosystem of play-to-earn platforms, which can empower individuals to rise above the conditions of their local economies, as well as serve as a vehicle to compensate volunteers, while celebrating their achievements.

Bringing Leyline to the Real World

As a platform, we commit to making it easier and more rewarding to do good in the world. Each user’s Leyline profile acts as a digital trophy case and reminder of all their recorded altruistic achievements. Some examples of their celebrated ‘good deeds’ may include giving blood, getting vaccinated, or donating computer power to cancer research — all of which will earn them Good Points (GP) and unique NFTs. Users can use GP to open the Leyline Mystery Box, which contains random crypto, NFTs and cash value prizes, provided by our sponsors. Many of our NFTs will have the ability to evolve and upgrade, as a user continues to do good in the world. We host your Leyline NFTs in your profile and on our marketplace, but users can also export them to personal wallets, for use on external platforms, like OpenSea.

Leyline’s model works for everyone, as well as most any Social Impact Organization, providing ample opportunity for our community to volunteer at the recognized charity or activity of their choice. Below we have listed just five examples of approved opportunities, but many more exist.

1. Give Blood

To date, 81 lives were potentially saved thanks to donations from Leyline community members — illustrating just how impactful our community platform can be. Users contribute through verified partners, such as the Red Cross, by linking an individual Leyline account to the NGO’s database, which only requires an email. Validation occurs automatically whenever a donation is made, and Good Points are awarded. Leyline community members earn 500 GP per blood donation, which may be done six times per year, per Red Cross policy.

2. Donate Computing Power

Another opportunity Leyline users have is donating their surplus computing power. Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing, or BOINC, is both a university project and Leyline partner that can use your excess computing resources for research purposes — including cancer, global warming, COVID and other worthy, but under-funded causes. Once installed on a phone or computer, users can custom set preferred run times and/or dedicated CPU processing percentages, allowing people full control over the process. By registering with a BOINC account, Leyline users can earn a maximum of 240 Good Points a day. Leyline is delighted to report that our community has, thus far, donated over 400,000 computing hours to help solve some of the most important challenges of our times!

3. Provide Necessities for Those in Need

Leyline users are rewarded for donating clothes, nonperishable food or other essential goods to organizations and communities in need, earning 250 GP per donation. Additionally, direct monetary donations can be made to any NGO partner, earning the user a uniquely minted Leyline NFT.

4. Teach Courses

Leyline’s mission is all about building a better world for all. One of the greatest gifts our members can give is their time, patience and knowledge. Leyline teaches others about internet security, crypto and blockchain technology, leadership and stewardship concepts, and much more, but we also reward our members who share their experience with others. Either working through NGO partners, in a classroom, or through other verified mediums, we are happy to reward our members willing to teach others with Good Points and NFTs for this indispensable service. Good Points awarded will vary, depending on time and scope of approved course, mentorship or educational volunteer experience.

5. Volunteer in Your Community

One of the most versatile opportunities users have to contribute, and be rewarded for, is simply volunteering in their own communities — including beach, park or river clean ups, working at soup kitchens, planting trees in organized sustainability projects, and far more. Good Points awarded will vary, but, as an example, a vetted cleanup event awards 500 GP! Investing in the planet’s future continues to be a large part of our mission here at Leyline. As our goal is to be a carbon-negative organization, we pledge to continually invest in carbon-negative activities, including tree plantings and carbon capture technologies, as well as build our product on planet-friendly tech platforms.

Creating One Global Community

The five real-world volunteer categories listed above are just a few of the opportunities users have to do good in the Leyline ecosystem, while earning valuable rewards, making friends and building an altruism resume that the blockchain will memorialize. Leyline is dedicated to tackling the greatest challenges humanity faces, including poverty, climate change, and growing health and wellness concerns. But to make headway on these critical challenges, we need to vow, here and now, to work together as one global community. Fires, floods, heatwaves and hunger are our modern reality. And no one will fix this for us. Leyline is creating a unifying platform, through which we can all contribute and concentrate our efforts, becoming the change this world desperately needs.