Media Release: Leyonhjelm’s right hand man takes up the fight in the Senate

Duncan Spender has been appointed to fill the Senate vacancy left by David Leyonhjelm.

Duncan Spender helped found the Liberal Democrats in 2001 and has been David Leyonhjelm’s right hand man for the past five years.

Quotes attributable to Duncan Spender:

“The Liberal Democrats are fighting to take over the world and leave you alone.

“The Liberal Democrats will cut taxes to get the government out of your wallet and end the nanny state so you can go about your business and live your life in peace.

“The Liberal Democrats are the only party in Australia standing up for liberal values.

“I will vote consistently with David Leyonhjelm’s principled voting record when I fill his Senate seat in Budget week. I will then seek to hold public servants to account in Senate Estimates, just as David Leyonhjelm has. And when the federal election is finally called, I will be seeking election to ensure that we keep up David’s fight for a freer Australia.”

The appointment of Senator Spender ensures continuity in representation for New South Wales and the Liberal Democrats. David Leyonhjelm resigned from the Senate on March 1, after the most recent sittings of the Senate, and is now the lead candidate for the Liberal Democrats in this weekend’s New South Wales state election.

“I am confident David Leyonhjelm will be elected to the New South Wales parliament, from where he will continue to fight against the nanny state, red tape, high taxes and wasteful spending,” Senator Spender said. “I plan to maintain the fight in the Senate.”

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