Media Release: MedEvac Bill ripe for abuse

13 February 2019

Senator Leyonhjelm has exposed a vital flaw in the MedEvac Bill, pointing out that it will pave the way for doctors to determine which healthy people come to Australia.

“We all know this Bill empowers doctors to select sick people to come to Australia, and that this selection is subject to review by the independent health advice panel. We also know that family members can accompany sick people to Australia,” he told the Senate today.

“But what is not being spoken about is the fact that this Bill also empowers doctors to select healthy people, who are unrelated to the patient, to accompany the patient to Australia. There is no review of this by the independent health advice panel.

“This power is ripe for abuse, from doctors who think they are god. The expertise of doctors does not extend to determining who should accompany a patient to Australia.”

Senator Leyonhjelm is the only Senator who has raised concerns about this aspect of the Home Affairs (Miscellaneous Measures) Bill 2018, which passed the Senate 36 votes to 34 earlier this morning.

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