Media release: The real liberals are running in Wentworth

14 September 2018

Today Senator David Leyonhjelm announced that Liberal Democrats Councillor for North Sydney Sam Gunning will be nominating for the seat of Wentworth in the October 20 by-election.

“There has been a distinct abandonment of the liberal values of small government, reduced regulation and lower taxes in Wentworth over the last 14 years,” Senator Leyonhjelm said.

“That is why I am proud to announce that Councillor Sam Gunning will be contesting the by-election and if elected will restore those true liberal values to Wentworth.”

Senator Leyonhjelm said Sam was committed to achieving truly liberal outcomes for the people of Wentworth based on the principles of liberalism that the major parties do not recognise.

“Since his election as a Councillor for the Liberal Democrats, Sam has promoted a back-to-basics approach to government in order to reduce the rate burden on his constituents and ease the red-tape burden on small business in the area,” he said.

“Sam seeks to take the principles that have made him an effective local Councillor into the Federal Parliament on behalf of the people of Wentworth. He will promote the same initiatives that I am championing in the Australian Senate.

“The people of Wentworth can be assured if they vote 1 Sam Gunning on October 20, Sam will fight for lower energy prices, a lower tax burden and of course more personal freedom.”

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