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Errors using FREE Google Workspace “We are sorry, but you do not have access to this service.”

I was just recently (Feb 26, 2022 in exact) offered by Google to upgrade to Google Workspace Essential “Starter” (formerly GSuite), it tells that it “will improve collaboration with team” and no fee involved, I expected there is no disadvantage will occur and the advantage is that we got access to admin console.

But today I found that, I, the only admin in admin console cannot access Google Data Studio. But before deciding to write this, I try to find missing permission if any in my admin console. As a note, I also manage an active Google Workspace Business Starter to allow me to compare and we never faced any problem accessing Data Studio.

Error when accessing Google Data Studio with Google Workspace Essential “Starter” account

Googling further, I found an article that discuss this incident in Google Support community support.google.com/thread/3570070 , and they found a way to fix this by verifying the business domain.

Then we heads toward to verify our domain, success ✅

Adding your domain doesn't mean the problem ends, Google require us to get a paid license to finish the process.

Why this happens?

This domain, Lezenda.com have other member registered their google account previously (we used google account for years before Google offered the Free Google workspace), which lead Google to confuse who are the owner and require us to merge teams, and merging team require paid license.


But we are coming from a No problem with Data Studio position into having one. Google Data Studio itself is a service previously available even when we are not using Google Workspace.

So, Is there a way to workaround this? Or can we revert it back to the usual google account?

Yes, upgrade your workspace account and pay $10/user/month. But paying hundreds every months is not what we need now. And feels counterintuitive to the “FREE” term that Google mentioned when they invite us. Details as follow.

The only option to verify domain ownership from Free Google Workspace

I tried looking for support, but Free subscription doesn’t have access to support. So I tried opening a discussion in Google Support 3 weeks ago to no avail. https://support.google.com/datastudio/thread/155334904?hl=en

The other option is to cancel the subscription, with the risk of losing “organization’s data”. Not sure what that includes yet, so I haven't proceed further.

End Note

I feel disappointed with this, not because the error itself, but mainly because we have no access to help nor a way to report bug to Google.

I hope others can found these downside of Free Google Workspace Essential Starter before facing things like cannot access data studio or google service that previously available.

You might have better luck if you get this offer when you are the first and only account registered. But I’m not sure how to get this offer earlier too.

Hope it helps!



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