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Fiction & Folx #2

Fabulous Quotes on Gender, the Curse of the Karens, an Intro to a New Publication, FREE Fiction, & Hilarious Pups

Hello, Fabulous Friends!

I hope 2021 has been kind to you so far. My corner of Ohio got its first big snow of the year today. I’ve been enjoying watching the glittery white stuff pile up outside my windows while staying warm inside.

My two dogs enjoyed pushing around the snow with their noses and chasing after each other though. I wish I could teach them to clear the walks and the porch.

The Latest Fiction & Folx Newsletter

I’m a lifetime collector of quotes which prompted my latest article exploring gender. I also introduce my newest publication, The Fat & Sassy, in this issue of the Fiction & Folx Newsletter. And as always, there’s a creepy, short story for your entertainment along with a hilarious video of goofy, adorable pups.

Did you know you can have Fiction & Folx sent right to your inbox twice a month to get all the latest from me? It includes parenting stuff (advice and mishaps), LGBTQIA culture pieces, and fiction fun — I’m a sucker for a good short story.

To the most recent Fiction & Folx, check it out here.

How Can I Help?

Much love to you, my fabulous friend. I want to take a moment and ask you:

  • What would be helpful to know more about?
  • What do you struggle with most?
  • How can I be more useful to you?

My goal is to have as many articles and resources as possible to help parents and families support and accept their lgbtq+ loved ones.

Is there something specific you’d like to see included in LGBTQueer-ies new resources section?



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Zada Kent

Trans Advocate | Writer of LGBTQ & Parenting | Author of Horror Short Stories. | IG: zadakent