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Fiction & Folx: Halloween Edition

Invitation to the New Facebook Group, Pointers on Being a Transphobe, and an Exclusive Scary Short

Photo by Mel Poole on Unsplash

Happy Halloween, fabulous friends!

I hope this spooky day has found you happy and safe. This Halloween edition of Fiction & Folx includes an exclusive scary short by yours truly. I hope it causes the hairs on the back of your neck to twitch.

A big announcement…

I’ve created a new Facebook Group in the hopes of uniting like-minded individuals to advocate for trans equality. There are plans for some special mini-interviews in November to honor Transgender Awareness Week and a Day of Remembrance. I hope you join me there.

Transphobes, Worrying about Trans Kids, and Questioning Whether or Not I Truly Missed the Signs of My Kid Being Trans

This can all be read about in the latest Fiction & Folx. The latter holds some great photos of past Halloween costumes my crazy kid donned — the Gene Simmons one is probably my favorite.

I also included an article from a trans advocate I greatly admire, Martie Sirois. As well as my own sarcastic take on being the best transphobe you can possibly be.



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Zada Kent

Zada Kent

Trans Advocate | Writer of LGBTQ & Parenting | Author of Horror Short Stories. | IG: zadakent