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Karen, Your Opinion on Parenting My Transgender Kid is Not Valid

You can keep your judgmental bulls**t to yourself.

Photo by Dimitri de Vries on Unsplash

We’ve all seen one of those ‘Karen’ videos of a woman who feels obliged to share her unrequested judgment exposing her ignorance. Her lifetime of unhappiness is directed to whoever she deems is different enough from her. Then without prompt, she is compelled to intervene…




Helping parents, family, & friends learn how to best support the LGBTQ+ kids in their lives, especially those who might be struggling with raising transgender or nonbinary youth. Every LGBTQ+ kid out there deserves to have an accepting, supportive, & compassionate family.

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Zada Kent

Zada Kent

Trans Advocate | Writer of LGBTQ & Parenting | Author of Horror Short Stories. | IG: zadakent

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