Announcing LGO Markets’ Soft Launch

Hugo Renaudin
Nov 29, 2018 · 2 min read

The LGO Markets team has been working intensively for more than a year to create a digital asset trading platform that meets the needs of institutional investors. Today, we are thrilled to bring that dream to life.

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Consensus: Invest is where we are announcing the Soft Launch of LGO Markets.

Our objective has always been ambitious yet very clear: We strive to build the next generation of financial markets, paving the way for a new and improved financial ecosystem where all assets of value can be exchanged seamlessly, without any risk and with full transparency.

Successfully completing this mission means overcoming the barriers that have prevented institutional investors from entering the market by offering a fair, transparent and secure solution to trade digital assets:

  • Respecting the traditional trade process (execution — clearing — settlement)
  • Complying with regulations (applying for a Bitlicense and a broker-dealer license)
  • Offering a very low counterparty risk by being non-custodial

The soft launch is a key milestone for LGO Markets. It will allow us to test our solution and optimize it to the point where we can offer a turnkey solution to our institutional clients when the platform goes fully live in Q1 of 2019.

Onboarded institutions are — starting today — able to test and access the platform. More precisely they are able to interact with our platform via our user interface, and our API and WebSocket. They will be in direct contact with the operational team of LGO Markets.

One of our core value is security by design. Operating a financial market is not something to be taken lightly: it takes time, energy and attention to build the right product with the right level of security. As such, we have willfully chosen to adopt an incremental approach by releasing the platform one step at a time. Institutions can already onboard on the platform and this testing phase will allow for everyone — our team, our clients and our partners alike — to be 100% comfortable with our solution when the platform is fully released, at the beginning of 2019.

if you are interested in onboarding please contact our team at :

The soft launch begins today, November 27th, and we are very excited to start receiving our first customers’ feedback.

There is a long path ahead of us, but this is a truly exciting moment as we are starting to see the results of a year’s hard work.
The institutional digital asset trading platform that we are launching today is our first product. It is the first achievement of many to come, leading off LGO Markets’ long-term vision.

Our ambition is to bring financial markets to their next stage, where all representations of value can be exchanged seamlessly, transparently and without risk thanks to the blockchain technology.

LGO Group

Building the next generation of financial exchanges.

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