10 Killer Stats on Customer Service

Customer service is lagging when it comes to innovating for customer experience improvement, seeing very little change in the way they do things. Although, the likes of Amazon are proving to us the huge effect a customer-centric approach can have.

Then why do the majority of businesses still see a consistent reduction in customer satisfaction after service interactions?

Customer preferences have changed with the entrance of on-demand services, enabling tech and experience-focused brands, and yet customer service departments have remained largely unchanged.

The following ten stats reveal what customers really want from a service interaction, and that many of our assumptions around customer service are basically wrong.

1. Most customer service leaders invest heavily in trying to delight customers when in fact simply meeting expectations is what drives loyalty.

2.While many businesses are trying to delight with live, more human service interactions, the majority of customers actually prefer self service to get what they need done.

3. Self service often means peer to peer sourced solutions and customers see contacting the company as a last resort option.

4. When customers do contact the company, focusing on wowing the customer seems like a good approach, but they just want issues resolved quickly.

5. When reaching out, many customers like to do so via social channels they are actively using.

6. But when faced with too many choices of contact channels, they go for the phone.

7. Offering customers choices when they reach out to solve a problem might seem helpful, but they just want an answer.

8. Over anything, customers just want and interaction and a solution that requires no effort on their behalf, which is also great news for businesses, because;

9. And if that isn’t enough convincing that it also makes good business sense, when it comes to keeping customers;

10. How do we achieve a low-effort customer experience without changing every established process? Well, surprisingly;

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