Weekly Inspiration & Reading List Update 1702

We curated some interesting signs of emerging customer expectations and useful reads in the area of business development, brand building and customer experience.


Innovation requires continuous discovery and inspiration. Our Signs of the Week are a collection of interesting signs we have recently added to our Inspiration-Hub:

Snapshot: Top 25 Signs of 2016

We have selected the 25 most game changing and important signs that drew the attention of our readers this year the most.
Explore the collection of disruptive signs from categories such as consumer insights, product innovation, service innovation, experience innovation & communication and see where the market is going.

Favourite Reads:

Business Development

Brand Building

Customer Experience

  • Meaningful micro-engagement: Jeannie Walters at TEDxNaperville. Explore video
  • 3 trends from CES that marketers need to pay attention to. Explore article

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