LHD Corporate Discounts — FAQ

Eating the same old lunch box everyday at office can become boring. And in order to keep your life spiced up, LHD offers FLAT 25% OFF on all corporate orders.

What is a corporate order?

At LHD, a corporate order is one which is has its delivery address selected from the list of corporates registered with LHD. On all such orders, we automatically apply a FLAT 25% OFF without asking any coupon code from the user.

I can’t find my company’s address, what to do?

It’s ultra simple. Literally.

All you need to do is fill a small application under LHD Corporate section and, if accepted, you’ll be able to order at your office (corporate) address at FLAT 25% OFF.

How much time does company verification take?

If there are no major issues with the form that you filled, it should be activated within a couple of hours.

Can I order at home?

No, we believe in not bringing office matters to home.

What is the minimum order value and maximum discount for corporate orders?

None. Yes, we’re serious.

— Post contributed by Aman Khantaal