LHD Student Exclusive

LHD Student Exclusive is a discount offered on all LHD delicacies to students presenting a valid student (college) ID cards. Currently the discount given is FLAT 25% without any conditions on minimum order value or maximum discount.

Why any such discount? And why is it restricted to college students only?

At LHD, we believe that it is duty of every business to give it back to its patrons in order to keep the cycle going. With our operations in Bhopal and having served 20k+ customers, at least once, of a total of 40k+ customer base, we found that being the capital of MP, Bhopal is a home to more number of students than expected. A major part of this population is constituted by students who are hostellers in Bhopal. As our IT departments has an average age of less than 23 year old, we have very closely felt that this segment of our customer base lives on a fixed monthly budget and have to accommodate all their expenses on survival and leisure within this fixed limit. Not just this, it is this segment of the society which is soon going to be financially independent when they form working force of world’s fastest economy. So, LHD Student Exclusive is just a way of making leisurely/normal LHD meal, more pocket friendly and less worrisome.

We do not cover school going students under this scheme because they don’t have any monthly fixed budget (although their parents might have, who are already a part of aforementioned workforce).

How to apply?

Application process is simple and intuitive. You only need to upload your valid student ID card via our website (https://www.lhdindia.com) or android app (bit.ly/lhdindiaapp). Our ops-team looks into your details and approve your application if everything is found correct within 4–6 hours in most of the cases. If approved, you receive an exclusive coupon code over Email/SMS which you can use up to 6 months any number of times to claim the discount over website, mobile app and even call centre (orders placed over phone) orders. If rejected, you receive the rejection reason over Email. You can choose to make appropriate corrections and reapply.

Why was my application rejected?

Your application may have rejected due to one of the following reasons:

  • Name on LHD and that on ID card don’t match.
  • ID card does not have “Valid up to” information.
  • ID card has “Valid up to” information which shows your ID card is not valid.
  • You submitted a handwritten ID card.
  • You submitted an ID card issued by School/Coaching institute.

— Post contributed by: Aman Khantaal