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Meditations On The Gift and Power of Thought

“Great is God, for that He hath given us a mind to apprehend these things, and duly to use them!”

- Epictetus

This morning I found myself overwhelmed with joy while meditating on the power of thought. In preparation for the day ahead, I gave thanks for this extraordinary ability to reason and compute, aiming my intentions on the highest good I could do for my life, my family, our future, and home.

During this time, I continued a project that I started during 2019 — to purchase, read, and study the Harvard Classics. The piece that I’m currently reading is ”The Golden Sayings of Epictetus, ” from which I have taken the above quote.

After reading his first saying, I recognized that I do not show nearly enough gratitude and appreciation for my life — and most importantly, my mind — nor all that I’ve been able to achieve thus far because of it. And so, the highest good that I can do today, tomorrow, and the day after is to give thanks for this incredible gift and educate my family to do the same.

But now, I turn to you, the reader, encouraging you to acknowledge how fortunate you are, being able to comprehend this text even as so many individuals around the globe are not. Be grateful for this gift of life and thought by cherishing it, nourishing it daily, and sharing what you’ve learned with other less fortunate than you in their current state of being and mentality. I say ’current state’ for this very reason:

There are immense potential and powers that reside within our hearts, minds, and souls. If we fail to nourish our minds daily with edifying ideas, beliefs, instruction, and meditation, that power will be unable to manifest itself.

So as I educate my family on how to cultivate and activate the powers of the extraordinary mind and spirit that resides within them, I now encourage you to do the same for your loved ones, community, and our future.

I firmly believe that if each of us upholds this mission — with a desire to build-up rather than tear down our fellow men and women — we will come upon the day when the human race stands more united than divided than all of human history combined.

-Elliot Aldwyn


Eliot, C. W. (1937). The Harvard Classics; The apology, Phaedo and Crito of Plato; The golden sayings of Epictetus; The meditations of Marcus Aurelius. New York: P.F. Collier.



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