MATA-The Island’s Gaze 49m​/2017

John Thomson 在1871年因緣際會帶著他的濕版相機(當中還有一部3D相機)來到南台灣攝取影像

1871年蘇格蘭攝影師John Thomson的台灣之行,是歷史上的一次重要事件。



Scottish photographer John Thomson’s trip to Taiwan in 1871 is an important historical event.

In this film we selected a hunter photo to re-interpret that event and visit the Siraya tribe to find an Elder Wan, who talks and sings well, bringing us back to the past through his plucking of strings.

Then we saw the vigorous hunters holding their breath, staying very still in front of that weird machine for a long time, with a boy and a dog squatted at their feet.

The director grabbed the view of this moment and invites the audience to watch with curious eyes. On both sides of the river of time, he repeatedly speculates and watches the past, the future, and the influence of images on this island.