Leftists Hate The Actual You

They’d really like it if you stopped

Before understanding is possible, definitions must be established. This becomes essential when those you are trying to understand do not fit into any rational box you can come up with. So it is with the Left, and so we must go back to the beginning: Rousseau and Marx.

To summarize their greatest impacts on the intellectual landscape, Jean-Jacques asserted that we are all blank slates, formed 100% by our environments, and Marx then asked the natural follow-up. Why do certain groups seem to always end up on top? (Marx asked this question extremely clumsily, because he was essentially an angsty high school philosopher living in his parents’ basement, but he asked it nonetheless.) He concluded that it was through the oppression of wage labor.

The modern fight for the soul of Western Civilization comes directly from that progression, with a little post-modern tweaking to silence any dissent. Every demographic at the bottom of the totem pole is kept their through oppression, and any attempts to argue otherwise are internalized hate.

However, we now know that Rousseau was wrong. Dead wrong. IQ, personality, and interests all play significant parts in the stratification we see in Western society. National IQ, for instance, is so highly correlated with economic output that an increase of one point will spawn a 25% gain in GDP. Assertiveness is decently correlated with personal wealth, and neuroticism inversely so. Being interested in most care-taking professions, like teaching, comes with an economic penalty, relative to STEM or finance.

Turns out, a lot of women like this vision, and the Left hates them for it

When you apply these lessons to problems of Marxist oppression, a very stark reality jumps out at you. These complaints mostly end up functionally equivalent to my above statements. For example, women tend to want to have a family and prefer work in care-taking. Thus, they tend to get paid less and do not pursue top-tier positions.

This forces the Marxist to resort to tyranny to achieve their egalitarian wet dream. Quotas must be imposed. Dreams will be crushed. Personality and ability should be cast aside. Women will be forced to be engineers, no matter how much they hate it, and men will be forced to turn their work environments into a feminist utopia.

And this is the issue.

Leftism is not concerned with any principle other than the total elimination of individuality, because it is this very individuality that makes the elimination of social stratification impossible. It will abandon any behavior, no matter how ethical, and force all those around to pay any price to achieve their morally arbitrary goal of total equality.

And make no mistake — the price of the leftist utopia is rivers of innocent blood and the total destruction of any productive system of ethics. We will all be reduced to living in mud huts, and even then the Left ideal will not be achieved.

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