Understanding the Alt-Right

A fight for white survival and peace between the nations

Richard Spencer: The founder of the Alt-Right. Source

Any discussion of the Alt-Right must begin with a list like what I posted above. For the past 50–60 years, the left has won every single major cultural battle it has fought, from gay marriage, to pro-minority hiring practices, to immigration. Included in this is multiculturalism, which is to say the de facto destruction of the West by demographic suicide.

It is in the midst of this that figures like Richard Spencer and Millennial Woes have risen, and that is extremely important. Their rise is a leading indicator of the slow “awakening” of some to the idea that the “diversity is our strength” crowd would rather see the Caucasian race dead or completely marginalized than allow them to defend their ownership of nations they built.

White Supremacist?

Of course, the immediate reaction to declarations like “Hail Trump!” (which was actually a reference to “Hail Caesar”, though a few audience members misinterpreted Spencer) are going to be visceral. That’s the point. It gets attention, and when you’re a movement as small as the Alt-Right, there is no such thing as bad press. Sure, 90% of the population might hate you, but you only have 0.5% on your side, so that 10% is 20x growth.

Discovering truth takes a much more serious examination, though, and it’s one that has to happen.

The Basics

If you watch Richard Spencer’s “Who Are We?”, you’ll notice one main point throughout the video. Nationalism is a tenet that has been practiced by humanity for millennia, including in the present day by every other race and nation. In such an environment, multicultural nations can only be taken advantage of by others, and their defining traditions and beliefs can only be lost or appropriated.


I am almost certain everybody reading this post believes that rape is evil. What if some people didn’t, though? That would be a form of diversity, would it not? Thus, we see that diversity is not inherently a positive aspect of any society, and welcoming more diversity may be welcoming the dilution and eventual destruction of values we cherish, to say nothing of culture and traditions.

The left recognizes this very well. Toxic masculinity and rape culture are common targets of reform. Preserving the culture of communities undergoing gentrification is a central pillar in their stance against whites moving into black areas.

The Alt-Right recognizes this and asserts two things in response. First, European cultures and nations have a right to exist. Secondly, other cultures, peoples, and nations are diverse in ways that would destroy them. I’m tempted here to throw in a “and they also believe that Western values are superior,” but Richard Spencer has almost ridiculed that position. To the Alt-Right, it really is as simple as “White people have a right to exist in their homelands and to preserve their culture and traditions in it.” No other justification is needed.


This particular part begins simply and then gets complicated as reality comes to bear on the discussion. The Alt-Right wants immigration policy that keeps European nations European and wants whatever welfare that currently exists to benefit the white demographic, or at least not slowly redistribute wealth from the Europeans to non-Europeans.

Furthermore, the Alt-Right recognizes the right to existence that other people groups have, as well, and therefore advocates limited foreign policy. Richard Spencer is very vocal in this matter, and it makes sense. The violence in the Muslim world that has followed American intervention there is playing a very large role in pushing Muslims into Europe.

That is as far as the Alt-Right’s views go in unison. Many are fine with democratic socialist governments like what we see in most of Europe. Some prefer limited government and capitalism.

One very important difference that must also be discussed is the difference between the American Alt-Right and the European Alt-Right. In America, they have the very real option of secession or migration. California can’t handle that Trump won, and so there is a serious, if small, campaign to secede from the Union. The same could be done if it becomes clear to a large number of whites that other groups are destroying what they love about their communities. America is also large enough that migration is an option. Much of the northwest and central United States have very high concentrations of whites. White flight demonstrates the point brilliantly.

In Europe, though, most of the usable land is taken. France, for instance, has a population that is over two and a half times that of Texas, despite being almost identical in size. Moreover, the cultural and historical bonds that tie the French together are much stronger than those in America. The States were conceived as a federation of relatively independent polities. The federal government was supposed to have limited powers so that states could run their own affairs. France has been French for many centuries, and its people do not have anything in their history to help them conceive of breaking apart.

Europe faces a much more severe problem, too. In America, immigration is to the point that in 30 years, whites will be a minority. However, from the Alt-Right’s perspective, there are solutions beyond simply kicking people out. Europe, however, is drowning. Sweden, for instance, took in 190,000 refugees last year. That’s 1% of their population. Furthermore, the difference in birth rates exacerbates the problem, and the concentration of those immigrants in the male 18–25 bracket means that the Swedes are being outnumbered in a way that is a ticking time bomb. Germany is only a few years away from their young men being outnumbered, which means that in 40 years, Germany will no longer be German.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, leftism is far more entrenched in Europe than in the United States. Simply writing opinions like Millennial Woes’ can get you arrested and charged in many nations. France has stopped breaking crime and welfare statistic usage down by nationality. The institutions of power are overrun with leftism.

Thus, Millennial Woes has stated that the European Alt-Right needs to prepare for war. It should be understood, though, that to the Alt-Right, this is neither the preferred solution, nor an aggressive one. They view their nations as theirs. It is as simple as that. They see the demographic shift that is happening, do the math, and realize that in 40–50 years, their people will no longer hold the institutions of power in society. To them, this is already an invasion. It’s one that can be solved through policy changes, but it must be solved.

Personally, I think that the left will be the wing that resorts to violence first. We’ve already seen a wave of minor riots sweep over the US as a result of Trump’s election. In Europe, public opinion has begun shifting against the refugees. In France, over 50% of the population sees immigration as a problem, despite the government passing laws that make breaking down crime by race/nationality illegal.

Thus, I expect these nations to pass policy changes to stop the flow of refugees. It might take another year or two, but the opinion shift has been significant in just the past two or three years. At that point, I expect the left to attempt to impose their will through violence.


My point in writing this was to embark on a journey of discovery. Previously, my understanding of the Alt-Right had stopped with figures like Stefan Molyneux and Milo Yiannopoulos. Recently, though, I learned the Richard Spencer actually coined the term and did not consider people I knew about to be true adherents to beliefs that defined it.

I hope everybody who read this learned something. I imagine this will mostly receive negative comments and be misinterpreted as endorsement by at least a few, but I believe in understanding the viewpoints of as many people as possible.

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