Why Communism Is The Worst Thing To Ever Happen To Humanity

Communism is a cancerous tumor on the world, so we must ask: why is it so prevalent?

Hoping for communism to work is like when you were in high school, hoping the hottest senior girl in school would come up and kiss you, right there and then. It’s just not gonna happen, bud.

Not only will communism never work, but it’s completely immoral and selfish. Selfish? Hear me out.

When you think of economic selfishness, you might think of rich old men who own mansions. However, their success was earned (for the most part); capitalism is a system of earning what you work for. Doing more, and therefore earning more, is the farthest thing from selfish. Forcing everyone to work so that everyone can have the same amount of wealth, however, is the most selfish thing I can think of. Even if it’s in the name of equality.

The first terribly immoral part of communism is that it cripples the peoples’ abilities to create their own purpose. For most people, their job is their purpose (unless they hate it). Capitalism gives everyone the opportunity to create their own life for themselves out of nothing. Communism takes this opportunity and redistributes it to the government to do as they please and to weaken the wills — and numbers — of the people. But at least everyone’s starving equally!

The second problem of communism is that it’s literally impossible. I’m not exaggerating whatsoever; an equally distributed, communal society has been tried thousands of times, and they all fail. And attempting to do this on a large scale is a suicide mission and would make said country a laughing stock.

Take into account all of the “communist” countries in the world. The only reason North Korea — or any other communist country, for that matter — survives at all is because they allow small free market outlets. China is a capitalist paradise, except that the government is terribly Communist and tyrannical. But they know that to force communism on the country would be to shoot itself in the foot. The reason the Soviet Union even existed for so long was because they were socialists, not communist. It’s even in the name (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics). They also forced millions to starve, so it’s not like they were any good role model for socialism.

Capitalism is the breath of life for a nation.

Another point to be made is the drastic change for the better for Communist countries when they switch to capitalism or capitalistic practices. China’s free market has allowed them to thrive globally. Vietnam’s hyper-capitalist society and economy has proven them to be a tech capital of the world. On the verge of collapse, North Korea’s permits to allow citizens to run small grassroots shops saved them from complete destruction. Capitalism is the breath of life for a nation.

So now I propose the question: why does communism have such a following in the present day? To put it simply, the answer is to spite capitalism. Those who do not benefit from capitalism, whether it be from unfortunate circumstances or sloth, adore the idea of getting free things without needing to work for them. No one who’s ever been through communism has actually enjoyed it (unless you’re one of the pampered folks from Pyongyang who gets government favors. But that’s not a result of communism, that’s totalitarianism). Communism claims to be for the proletariat and to demand justice for the worker, but the irony lies in the fact that the worker is exactly who is being damned in communism. The worker gets nothing but a tool to work harder in communism. But the facade of justice and equality is enough for the gentle laborer. And this eternal manipulation secures communism as the most immoral philosophy humanity has ever devised.

Mike Lee is an editor for Liberation Day and a Student Ambassador for Prager University. As a cultural libertarian and Objectivist, he writes about the importance of free speech and intellectual diversity.

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