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We build fearless cultures to push your organization forward

Gustavo Razzetti
Apr 3, 2018 · 3 min read

If you are here, you are curious about what we do. Or maybe you are facing a challenge and want to know if we can help you.

Liberate your people’s own ability to transform

A Positive Change approach liberates your team’s hidden talents. It helps them reframe the emotions and mindsets that get in the way of success.

Liberationist is a change partner. We help you build a fearless culture — to push you forward, not backward.

Upgrade your culture, unleash your future

We upgrade your culture to push you into the future.

Let’s make change happen

1. Open Your Mind

Experience: a talk — between 45 and 90 minutes (Q&A included). Inspirational, highly interactive, and actionable.

Our most popular talks:

  • “How to Lead Teams in Permanent Whitewater”
  • “Stretch for Change: Turn Adaptability into a Competitive Advantage”

Interested in more topics? Reach out.

2. Identify Invisible Tensions

Experience: A half-day or full-day workshop addressing specific culture challenges.

An intense and highly-interactive transformational experience — full of engaging, reflective, and challenging activities.

Our most popular workshops:

3. Unleash Positive Change

Experience: A 1-day team offsite.

This highly-interactive transformational experience goes deeper than a workshop. We address concrete tensions in an engaging and positive way.

We will facilitate new mindsets, behaviors, and tools — and see which resonates better. We’ll wrap up the event with an actionable plan with immediate, short, and mid-term goals.

Offsite alternatives:

  • Team Timeout: the power of feedback and retrospective — create a meaningful space to adjust and improve behaviors.
  • Team Reboot: for teams that feel stuck or decreased performance — push the reset button.
  • Team Stabilization: when toxic behaviors are putting performance at risk — it’s like taking your team to the ER.

4. Culture Transformation Consulting

Experience: an ad-hoc consulting solution — including culture assessment, training, coaching, and ongoing support.

Every culture is unique — we’ll uncover and solve what’s holding your company back. We upgrade the emotional culture and mindsets to accelerate trust, collaboration, innovation, and growth.

We will design a customized experience based on your specific challenges, goals, timeline, and budget.


Positive change approach — Liberationist

We promote continuous experimentation — that also applies to how we can work and collaborate. Most of our engagements start at a familiar point until they take a life of their own.

That’s why we love what we do. We don’t waste time talking about change — we make it happen.

Feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions or not sure where to start. We are always up for a coffee — even if it’s a virtual one.

Let’s build a culture that pushes you into the future.

Gustavo Razzetti

CEO, Liberationist

A change leadership partner

Liberating Change

We help teams and people drive positive change by…

Gustavo Razzetti

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I help teams and organizations build purpose-driven cultures. Creator of the Culture Design Canvas. Insights →

Liberating Change

We help teams and people drive positive change by liberating the best version of themselves. Insights on #leadership #selfimprovement #teambuilding #innovation #orgculture.

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