Mar 18, 2018 · 3 min read

Liberdy, the provider of a new ad data trading platform powered by blockchain technology is leveling the playing field for advertisers and disrupting the entire ad industry.

We have created a decentralized data trading platform that pays users for the use advertisers make of their personal information. In this way we have created a more democratic, and fair digital advertising economy by enabling direct relationships between users and leading advertisers.

Liberdy acts in full compliance with the GDPR, the EU’s new privacy bill, which declares that the user is the rightful owner of his or her personal information. The bill also states that companies must provide a copy of the data, free of charge, in an electronic format. In accordance with GDPR regulation, Liberdy has developed a smart way to get users to consent to sharing their data. What does the user have to lose when given the chance to profit from providing consent to the use of their data, and become an equal player in the online advertising industry? Liberdy’s widget offers publishers that struggle to get their users’ consent or to comply with the GDPR regulation a new way to get their users attention and cooperation.

Today, Google and Facebook control most our data and therefore hold the reins of the entire advertising market. Until now, advertisers looking to utilize this goldmine of information to target their marketing efforts have been held to ransom, with no choice but to accept whatever terms these companies set.

No amount of data is worth its storage space if it can’t be relied upon. First hand data is critical for advertisers wishing to target the right demographic, with the right content at the right time. To access additional data, advertisers have relied on untrustworthy, out-of-date information, or depended on data management platforms that cannot monitor user-behavior across screens, but rather rely on cookies that track activity from a single device.

However, Liberdy offers a rich international data warehouse consisting of top notch consent-based data, which is verified and timestamped. After obtaining clear consent to gather the user’s data, Liberdy uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and advanced analytics processes to aggregate and segment it, before it is offered to advertisers, as relevant and accurate data.

Data is the lifeblood of any marketing operation and since the data, on the platform is reliable, transparent, and accurate, everyone gains. The user profits from the information that is rightfully theirs, while advertisers can buy data directly from the source, bypassing the digital giants, which control most of our data and account for 75% of the digital advertising market. In an industry worth hundreds of billions in annual turnover, the significance of offering advertisers access to first hand data that wasn’t previously available from sources other than Facebook and Google, cannot be overstated.

The advertising industry is experiencing a data revolution and Liberdy is at the forefront. We believe in the creation of a fairer advertising ecosystem. We aren’t just bypassing the walled gardens of Google and Facebook for the advertisers on our platform, we’re building our own public park, where everyone can have the same access to data and become an equal partner in the online advertising economy.

If you’re interested in learning more about our GDPR compliant widget for publishers and the advantages the Liberdy platform offers to advertisers simply email us at or follow our social channels:

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Liberdy - Reclaim Your Data

The first decentralized advertising data platform powered by blockchain technology -

Written by

The first decentralized advertising data platform powered by blockchain technology —

Liberdy - Reclaim Your Data

The first decentralized advertising data platform powered by blockchain technology -

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