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Lately, there has been a marked increase in interest in digital currencies and ICO’s, from investors hoping to capitalize on the crypto boom. So how can they filter out the noise and find the best new ideas with the greatest likelihood of long-term success?

Quite simply, only those companies offering a service that provides genuine added value will survive and thrive in the emerging digital economy. Companies that have tokens with no use-case and base their value solely on speculation have far less to offer the contributor. The winning formula seems to be a forced use-case, whereby the token is required to gain access to the service that the company provides. The ideal scenario for token appreciation is of course a utility token that enables the holder to supply the coin to businesses that can then purchase the services provided on the company’s platform.

Liberdy is a new company that is set to completely disrupt the digital advertising industry, by enabling users to reclaim their data. Our decentralized advertising Data Management Platform (DMP) allows for the creation of a new, fairer advertising ecosystem that benefits all parties.

Liberdy offers users the chance to earn LIB Coin, the cryptocurrency powering the network, by selling their data to advertisers and to use the token to buy products from brands using the platform. They will also be able to receive cash-back in the form of tokens when they make purchases from Liberdy advertisers. The advertiser pays in LIB Coin to buy consent- based data segments and earns the tokens from goods sold in rebate campaigns.

By exploiting the full potential of both blockchain technology and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Liberdy is a complete game changer. The GDPR is new a EU bill set to take effect in May of this year, which will give citizens control over their personal data and impose strict rules relating to the ownership and availability of user information. According to the new bill, users have ownership rights to their data, they must consent to its use and those online companies hosting and processing our information must make an electronic copy available, free of charge.

The online advertising industry is worth billions in annual turnover and it is growing in value year on year, with anticipated revenues for 2018 reaching $266 billion USD. Big data is big business, and information is the main ingredient in any successful marketing operation. Google and Facebook dominant the advertising market and they control most of our data. Up to now, to receive access to this critical asset other media companies have had to turn to the digital giants, submitting to their terms.

In order to obtain more data, advertisers turn to DMPs, which rely on cookies to monitor user-behavior from a single device, without an awareness of the user’s cross-device activity, or they use outdated information from dubious sources. Consequently, the data that has been available on existing DMPs has been highly unreliable. In fact, a survey conducted by Deloitte, found that a mere 29% of users found their data to be at least 50% accurate! Yet, up to now, advertisers have had no alternative to Google and Facebook, which have the lion’s share of first hand data.

However, the Liberdy platform offers a revolutionary alternative, disrupting the entire industry. It extracts the data that users are already sharing with Facebook, Amazon and Google and creates a permission-based, decentralized marketplace, where marketers can buy accurate data directly from the user. Transparency is key, and as the platform is powered by blockchain technology, each transaction is published to the entire peer network. Advertisers can now gain access to up to date, reliable data that has been verified and timestamped, which had not previously been available outside the walled gardens of Facebook and Google.

The user is possibly the greatest beneficiary. By reclaiming their data, for the first time, users can become equal partners in the digital advertising economy. They are finally receiving payment for a commodity that they rightfully own.

Publishers can also generate a new revenue stream, monetizing every user that joins the platform and receiving the relevant data enrichment elements.

Everybody wins.

Another solid advantage of the Liberdy platform, is that it is working within the current digital advertising ecosystem, so there is no need for the costly or time-consuming process of educating the market. As a result, it is already well positioned to rapidly reach a vast global market.

The Liberdy ICO will be taking place in Q2 2018. Sign up for our mailing list to be among the first contributors in the presale and to be eligible for our early bird bonus. You can also follow us on Telegram to get the latest updates.

Liberdy - Reclaim Your Data

The first decentralized advertising data platform powered by blockchain technology -

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The first decentralized advertising data platform powered by blockchain technology —

Liberdy - Reclaim Your Data

The first decentralized advertising data platform powered by blockchain technology -

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