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The Liberdy Data Foundation is a new non- profit that enables user data to be traded while protecting user privacy and ensuring a fair, democratic advertising marketplace. We are dedicated to creating a secure, transparent and decentralized database that puts the user first.

We believe that data about us should belong to us, and that we should be able to control who uses it and how. We also believe it is our right to be able to rely on the privacy of the security of our personal information and benefit from its use.

The values that drive us as we work to build a more equitable data ecosystem serve as the foundation for our manifesto:

Privacy: It’s time we found an alternative to allowing digital giants like Facebook to do what they want with our data. Up to now they have held all the cards. They could sell our personal details to advertisers and leaving us no way to track its use.

In contrast, with Liberdy, the user is sharing anonymous behavioral data, which cannot be traced by the data buyer directly to an individual. We do not share identifiable information. Instead, we extract the user’s data encrypt, segment and then anonymize it. For example, advertisers will not know that John Smith age 28 from London is currently browsing a certain site. Rather, we will indicate that a user associated with the segment “Male, 20–30” is on a specific website so it is time to display an ad that targets this demographic.

In addition, the Data Foundation uses an anonymous Single Sign On (SSO), which protects user privacy, while providing publishers with a new consent-based revenue channel.

Security: Security is key to our peace of mind as data subjects. We have the right to know that the companies that collect our data are taking the strictest measures to safeguard our information. That’s why at Liberdy, users benefit from a highly encrypted, blockchain based system, which makes user data almost completely invulnerable to hacks and does not leave user privacy at the mercy of any single digital company’s lax security. Blockchain enables data to be stored in a way that is transparent, secure, up-to-date, auditable, and accessible to all relevant parties.

Transparency: As users of digital products and services we deserve to be able to know exactly what is happening behind the scenes with our data. What data is being collected, who is receiving it, and how are they using it? This is just one more reason that Liberdy uses the blockchain for all our transactions, since it offers complete visibility to all the users of any action that occurs. It is innately transparent, as all transactions are published on a public ledger, enabling users to see exactly what is happening with each data transaction.

Fairness: Creating a fair and democratic ecosystem is essential to our mission. For this reason, our users, the rightful owners of the data, are paid for every advertiser purchase of their information. It is also why we have a completely decentralized system, where no single entity able to take control, so users and advertisers are no longer under the thumb of digital monopolies. Users profit from the sale of their data and advertisers gain access to first-hand, reliable data without having to submit to the terms of Google and Facebook which hold the lion’s share of user data.

Consent: We believe in a consent-based advertising marketplace, where users can choose to whom they wish to sell their data and they can control precisely which information to share.

Liberdy is disrupting the status quo with top quality, consent-based data, in full compliance with EU regulation. Once we have received consent from data owners, we use artificial intelligence sophisticated analytics processes to aggregate and segment data for sale to advertisers.

These values are evident in the technology we have developed that is designed to create a fair, transparent and secure advertising ecosystem that rewards users every time they share their data, and offers accurate, up-to-date data to advertisers, which was not previously possible outside the walled gardens of google and Facebook. In addition, publishers wishing to gain user consent, in adherence to regulatory requirements, have a new way to engage users and encourage their cooperation by offering a trusted and transparent means for them to profit from the use of their own data

Liberdy - Reclaim Your Data

The first decentralized advertising data platform powered by blockchain technology -

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The first decentralized advertising data platform powered by blockchain technology —

Liberdy - Reclaim Your Data

The first decentralized advertising data platform powered by blockchain technology -

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