Welcome to LIBERTARIA!

We are living in exciting but dangerous times — an inflection point in technology and society.

LIBERTARIA taking off

In the right hands, technology can do an immense amount of good. It can give people the tools and resources to free themselves from poverty. It can connect people from across the globe and help them solve shared problems through collaboration. Most importantly, technology can empower people to live free, dignified lives by providing them with a voice and an opportunity to thrive.

But in the wrong hands, these same technologies can be used to divide people and hold them back. Governments and global corporations have carelessly rushed to adopt centralized technology, without considering how it will impact people and society.

At LIBERTARIA, we want to use technology to help build a more just, more decentralized, freer world by giving people the tools they need to govern themselves, build their own economies, and above all protect their individual rights.

It’s a grand vision, but we know we can achieve it. We’ve assembled a team of dozens of talented developers from across the world to build all the technologies needed for fully decentralized communities.

Basic LIBERTARIA timeline

LIBERTARIA is one of the most wide-reaching decentralization projects, a multi-year adventure to create the full decentralized stack, from peer-to-peer communication all the way up to decentralized governance, identity and reputation. We know this is ambitious, but it is no fantasy. Our international team has been working hard in stealth mode for six months and have already finished Phase 1 of our roadmap, slightly ahead of schedule.

As I write this, we have completed working prototypes of our Mercury peer-to-peer communication network and our Titania hardware node, a robust, low-power, smartphone-sized node that will allow anyone to connect to the network, even if they have limited resources or infrastructure.

Coming soon, our Hydra blockchain protocol will let local communities quickly and simply build their own blockchains and issue their own tokens, providing the security of a global blockchain network without the scaling problems and power imbalances that plague first-generation platforms like bitcoin and Ethereum. Finally, our Themis and Fides projects are tackling the problem of decentralized identity, reputation and governance, with prototypes scheduled for 2018.

Over the next few months, we’ll be releasing weekly information about these and other LIBERTARIA innovations, along with case studies showing how blockchain and peer-to-peer technology are not just toys for geeks and investors, they’re already transforming the lives of vulnerable and overlooked people across the world. This starts with the LIBERTARIA team itself: we’ve gathered a truly global team of experts from five continents and over a dozen countries, providing work to developers facing difficult circumstances in countries such as Ukraine and Venezuela.

But LIBERTARIA is not a political or anti-corporate project. In fact, our technologies will support societal and business models from every economic and political school of thought, as well as enabling brand new ones that are only possible through decentralization. The only guiding principle is freedom: freedom to communicate, collaborate and do business without centralized chokepoints.

If these ideas appeal to you, we’d love to have you on board. Join our Discord, sign up to the LIBERTARIA newsletter or learn more about the wider issues surrounding decentralization at the Decentralized Society blog.

We invite everyone to join us. Let’s build a free world, together!

Markus Maiwald,