Bezos Weighs in on Rollerball League

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5 min readJan 27, 2021

Future Recruiting Poster?

Jeff Bezos was a high profile target of some of the Trump Administration’s tweets. The former president claimed Amazon was a monopoly and needed to be broken up. The Trump Administration did a high profile award to Microsoft of a coveted contract over Amazon. The former president appeared to have a personal beef, but Jess Bezos never weighed in directly.

Bezos seems to try to stay out of politics. One can presume he wants to avoid the corruption and the rancor of partisanship. He is an honest and earnest businessman and nothing else. At least that is what I think Jeff Bezos sees in the mirror. Nonetheless, when he bought the Washington Post, he was dipping his toe into the swamp. He did seem to be pushing back a little on the Trump Administration attacks with this tool.

The billionaire avoids the spotlight. He runs his company. He concentrates a good deal of money and effort into Blue Origin. He keeps a relatively low profile and so does his company. As a low a profile as is possible given he is the richest or was the richest person on the planet. The Amazon business model would seem to assure him a future run at number one in the richest person race.

Jeff Bezos is winning! Amazon was first to the cloud. AWS revenue is staggering but the business insight available to Amazon is even more mind-boggling. Any amount of stability in the status quo means Bezos continues to be winning. The Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable reports he has at his fingertips are a better indicator of the economic health of this nation than the S&P 500. There is a lot of money flowing through Amazon bank accounts at any moment.

In fact, Bezos has so much “currency” and has had it for so long, by default he has a great diversity of “currency” assets. He probably could start a banking empire based upon a digital currency overnight any time he chose. However, he has not. So what has he got to do with my Rollerball/Cryptocurrency thesis. Well first let me restate it here.

As I wrote a few months ago, it seemed as if Apple was beginning to sketch out the boundaries of a virtual corporate state in their partnership with Ripple. I used the movie Rollerball as an example of a world where corporate states are the big dogs. I still think this scenario is viable.