QAnon is Why My Podcasts End with a Chess Lesson

I have been asked why I started writing on chess, since I had been writing so exclusively on politics. I became very weary of hearing QAnon foolishness about how #45 was playing 3D or 4D chess. As a huge fan of Star Trek and a chess player, I was familiar with some of the variants of chess on a 3D board. I had even played versions based upon the board Mr. Spock would play Captain Kirk on during the first Star Trek series.

In any case, the 4D chess stuff really got my goat. Americans do not like or respect chess players as far as I have seen in my life time or in American history for that matter. America is not a place which is “helpful” to the chess playing mind. Surely, we have produced players, perhaps some of the greatest. However, if we could ask some of these American greats, I feel they would concur with my opinion that chess players are not well understood in this country and surely not nurtured by it. The life stories of Bobby Fischer, Paul Morphy and Harry Nelson Pillsbury are illustrative of the aforementioned opinion.

It is an opinion I hold quite strongly. I do play chess. I was once pretty good with a tournament rating within 30 points of Expert. One thing chess teaches you is how to think for yourself. Chess also PUNISHES fuzzy-headed thinking. Without a plan, even the best tactician can struggle to get a victory. Each opponent follows a plan in plain sight which the opponent must determine and attempt to thwart. All the while each side seeks to see into the mind of the opponent to help them decide what is the best move.

Due to these critical thinking skills, there are no GOOD chess players who believe the current occupant of the White House is fighting an international ring of pedophiles. There may be an international ring of pedophiles. There may also be national intelligence agencies leveraging this network to gain access to damaging information on the rich and powerful politicians of the world. The amount of power a small but well-informed nation might wield could be enormous were it to have such damning intelligence on a leader of a large nation.

And though chess players might believe the latter, they do not believe #45 is fighting the pedophile ring…if it exists. There is evidence of SOMETHING given the Jeffrey Epstein fiasco. I will not even go into great detail about the many “coincidences” because they do not matter in the discussion of whether #45 is FIGHTING a pedophile ring Epstein may have orchestrated. There is one particular fact which destroys this QAnon BS about #45 attempting to break up this horrific pedophile network.

Remember Jeffrey Epstein allegedly committed suicide preventing any trial. However everyone, and their mothers, knew Epstein would not survive to trial. We thought it would be a little more stealthily done, like a poison which causes a heart attack, but he would not survive to trial given the amount of powerful people he could expose. The clumsy nature of it actually indicates the rule of law is in trouble in this country. Suicide in jail while on suicide watch was a bit difficult for chess players, and their mothers,to believe.

One thing the human mind is UNABLE to do in a chess game is hash through ALL of the moves. Computers can do this and have been able to best humans for this reason. In the beginning, computers were not fast enough to keep up with the human ability to throw out 90% of the possible moves immediately. This ability to quickly sift through the possible move trees which would be most promising and ignore all the rest was the human super power. Until computers were fast enough to go through every move, this made humans better. The ability to quickly rule out certain lines of thinking based upon a simple conclusion, like a knight on the edge of the board is very weak, made humans good at chess.

Chess players apply their critical thinking abilities everywhere. They are unable NOT to do so. Chess players have no answers on who, what or where when it comes to the Epstein fiasco. However, they understand the White House is not engaged in 3D or 4D chess to defeat the Epstein traffickers. Bill Barr, the White House’s faithful legal attack dog, came out with nonsense. Bill Barr claimed Epstein’s suicide was a series of coincidences. This gives chess players information. The occupant of the White House is at best protecting the powerful people for reasons such as money or future favors and at worst the occupant of the White House has something to hide. Given the number of photos of #45 with Epstein, the latter SEEMS more likely.

However, chess players also have to operate in the real world and will throw out lines of thinking which do not make sense just as they do in games. Chess players know they are not privy to all pieces of knowledge about the “game” the way a chess board is laid out for the players. Nonetheless, the critical thinking which chess instills in its players and the way it punishes poor thinking means there are no good chess players who believe the current occupant of the White House is fighting a global pedophile ring.

Obviously podcasts do not lend themselves to chess lessons being a mostly audio medium. I put the video up on YouTube or Facebook if you are interested in the lessons. I have to admit I have been dormant due to my concerns about what is going to happen in November, but the chess lessons have a longer shelf life. Perhaps they can still do some good helping my fellow citizens with their critical thinking skills.




Quit the Left/Right War, so you can think more.

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