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Goodbye 2010s & Thank You for the Lessons

Looking back at the last decade and forward to the next ten years.

Copyright Yael Wolfe

This has been a decade of hardship, separation, and pain. But it’s also the decade in which I achieved some of my greatest dreams. At the dawn of a new decade, I’m looking back in respect, in sadness, in awe, in gratitude.




I will write until I’m free.

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Facing My Anxiety Instead of Letting it Consume Me

Image created using Canva. A blue background. Title reads, Facing My Anxiety Instead of Letting is Consume Me. In the center are three images of a girl. One is her holding her knees with a thought bubble with scribbles in it. The other is a girl with her face in her hands and lightning bolts above her head. The third is the same girl with her head in her hands and a thought bubble that says stress.

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Yael Wolfe

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