A vote for Gary Johnson is not a waste

I have never understood the notion that a vote for a political party other than a Republican or Democrat is somehow a “wasted vote”. The argument suggests that our civic duty is no longer to vote for the person whom we truly believe to be the best fit to occupy the White House.

Instead, our duty is to vote for the “lesser evil” which, by definition, will always represent evil. Hence the term “lesser of two evils”.

Why do so many Americans continue to ignore their conscious to pursue a course of action that causes the majority of the problems that we lament? Evil voting further cements the two party system. It pushes any threat to the “big two” further and further down, making it tougher for legitimate change to have a fighting chance in our nation. We are only screwing ourselves.

This sounds like the definition of insanity to me.

What is a wasted vote?

A wasted vote is a vote placed for a candidate whom YOU do not truly believe in. Blind adherence to the two-party monopoly strengthens its hold over American politics. Ironically, it is these votes — votes placed for the “lesser evil” candidate — that enable this madness to continue.

A vote for Gary Johnson or any third party candidate is a “conscious” vote. These votes are placed by those Americans who not only recognize the spiral of corruption that “lesser evil” enables, but also possess the intellectual and testicular fortitude to put their money where their mouth is and vote differently. Vote according to conscious.

And let’s face it: Sadly, voting with your conscious is a different way to vote in this country.

But, it shouldn’t be.

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