The Liberalization of Welfare — Or How Give Turned to Take

Liberals. Where do we start? From Black Lives Matter making their voice heard in the streets to Antifa creating democratic strangleholds in America, Liberalism is in danger. The very founding fathers warned of this in the constitution. When the populace are uneducated, it leads to riots, disorder, and chaos. Liberalism as a whole has plunged into abject immorality and into a me-first realm of thought. The entire foundation our country was built on is crumbling due to promises made by snake-oil-salesmen without an inkling of an idea of how the economy works. Welcome to America.

The state is bloated, and economists know this as an indisputable fact. Forbes itself reported that 40% of domestic spending is trapped in bureaucratic limbo. The social stratosphere has moved far to the left, beyond a doubt. To truly investigate what happened to the state, let’s look back to how welfare started.

In 1892, Benjamin Harrison (a proud Republican, mind you) drafted the first social security bill with the primary intent to protect workers from racketeers and unsavory types exploiting the labor pool. The way this was funded was by donations from churches to help the needy and provide a net in which citizens can pull themselves up from the bootstraps without fear of failing. The intention was to give, but if there’s one thing we know for sure, there was no taking, only receiving.

Liberal pundits will decry these claims, as Bill Maher did when he dared to call Harrison a fraudulent huckster. They will say that this was not a true social security bill but rather a token olive branch extended to an exhausted working class. This of course, as with most hot air that passes between Maher’s two lips, is bullshit.

Welfare went from giving and receiving to handouts and appeasement to gain voters. Over 80% of voters receiving government cheques are registered Democrats. Riots in the streets break out if these exorbitant funds are cut down.

The one scariest thing you can say to a Democrat is “Welfare Reform”

So why did this happen? Liberalization of government resources. Firstly, the constitution has been ignored for the most part by Democrats looking to make a quick buck. All but nine Democrat presidents have opted to increase welfare spending, which as one can guess, has propelled Democrats into the stratosphere. With this spending we can expect to go bankrupt by 2030 at the very latest due to the fact that many, many Liberals created freedom blockers in non-commonwealth countries to combat the rising populist threat. This is what we call the Leninist Accord.

Let’s be real here. This is a no-spin zone. We know that the Liberals are out to redistribute the wealth, giving teenagers free college and raising the exorbitant taxes on the ruling class. We have our Liberty Paladins on the front line defending us, but this is not enough.

We must debate Liberals, and dismantle their entire way of thinking. Logic bombs, mental loopholes, fallacy mines, the works. We must use every tool at our disposal to make waste of the Liberal ideology and create a free country. One could call this a no-spin zone.