Liberty Falls
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Liberty Falls

After breakfast

He’s been up since 4:30am and his mind has changed with each cup of coffee.

Is it time to make his move?

Yes. It must be.

They’ll never expect it. They never do.

But once it’s done, should he show mercy?

Obama has been on the move for the last few weeks. Plotting Obama is at it again.

Maybe I should have bailed out Twitter, he thinks to himself. The banks got a bailout, why couldn’t a media company. It was necessary to keep the country unified, they needed to hear my message.

It’s too late for that now. The social sphere is splintered and I still have my influence. And I know what influence I need to crush.



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David Cohn

David Cohn


Senior Director at Advance Publications innovation group. Twitter: @digidave or Do what I can to help. Also, I love you.