Cointelligence Fund Joins the Liberty Gaming Investor Table

Further investment coming to Liberty Gaming, with blockchain gaming focused Cointelligence fund joining the party

Oliver M
Liberty Metaverse
3 min readMay 9, 2022


The Liberty Gaming team is starting the week strong, with news of yet further investment into our continuously strengthening project. This time, we proudly announce the addition of Cointelligence Fund, a blockchain gaming focused venture capital crypto fund, to the Liberty investor panel.

The presence of Cointelligence Fund within our panel of investors brings much more than just investment to the table, with the team offering a wealth of experience across a number of key areas in the blockchain industry. These include project analysis and investment, infrastructure development, risk assessment, market analysis and much more.

About Cointelligence Fund

Cointelligence Fund is an early stage venture capital crypto fund focused on blockchain based games. The team has been trading digital assets and analysing markets since 2016, and collectively possess more than 25 years experience in this market.

The Cointelligence Fund team offer extensive experience and knowledge of the market provided by their deep understanding of the industry. The team not only know how to trade the market, but have also performed research on more than 1,000 digital asset companies since 2017.

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About Liberty Gaming

Liberty Gaming is a GameFi ecosystem at the forefront of web3 gaming, providing opportunities for every audience in blockchain gaming. Neatly placed within a larger, overarching group comprising a multi-chain launchpad and NFT and Token funds, Liberty Gaming is firmly positioned as an integral part of the GameFi space, both present and future.

Composed of a growing guild and community, high-grade investment team, incubation arm and stellar global partner network, Liberty Gaming represents a new wave of GameFi organisation and an entry portal to GameFi for everyone.

Bringing together investment from huge names, including Animoca Brands, Cointelligence Fund, and Pluto Digital, and experience from JP Morgan, Nomura, Sandbox, SkyLaunch and more, Liberty Gaming has built a foundational team, advisory and investment network to help redefine the GameFi space.

Offering earning, educational, investment and brand growth opportunities through our multi-faceted approach, Liberty Gaming is structured to both accelerate and lead the charge for blockchain-gaming mass adoption.

Stay Tuned!

As we head towards some important milestones in the project’s development, keep an eye on all of our channels below to stay up to date on all things Liberty Gaming. Believe me, you don’t want to miss this train!

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