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A bitesize catchup covering all of the goings on in and around Liberty Gaming over recent months

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Hello Liberty Gaming community and web3 world! It’s been a little while since we had our last round up of developments at Liberty Gaming HQ, and what a whirlwind few months at has been! While the markets may not be heading in the direction we wish they were, it is, as always, all systems go for our dedicated Liberty Gaming team.

In spite of how the token charts look, something that is on an upward trend is the volume of new GameFi projects launching in the web3 gaming space right now, and not just the volume but the quality! The team here have been hard at work building both our project and our network, building something far greater than the guild we initially set out to be.

What’s Been Happening

Let’s review our recent past events, both in terms of project development and community and network growth. In future editions this will only be a one month look back but we’ve got a bit more than that to revisit this time!

Development Milestones

Let’s start with the big one here!

$LGG Token

While it hasn’t been launched yet, it is coming! What has been announced though is all of the details surrounding the Liberty Gaming ecosystem powering currency, including its value proposition and a multitude of use cases and utilities.

As was explained in great detail here, the core value of our token, sadly unlike many other tokens powering GameFi projects, will be the clear correlation between our underlying revenues and the token price, and we will go to every length to ensure both vigilant maintenance of this and transparency relating to it.

The token itself will provide an array of utilities, including the standard governance power and staking opportunities, with the addition of buyback loops, automatic scholarship access and upgrades, and incredible NFT initiatives with our outstanding network of real-world partners.


Liberty Gaming may have dropped ‘Guild’ from the name, but our loyal gamer and scholar community are still the beating heart of what makes us who we are. Since our last update, we have had the pleasure of being able to offer some amazing new titles as scholarship opportunities to our guild members.


The first of these new scholarship offerings to mention is our first move-to-earn partner, innovative movement tracking and incentivising project, Genopets. The world’s first-ever Move-to-Earn mobile RPG, Genopets rewards you for exercising your body, mind, and spirit through the care of your digital familiar.

Sidus Heroes

Next up on the Liberty Gaming scholarship roster is future-based and quite unbelievably well designed, SIDUS Heroes. SIDUS is set in a futuristic world based on crypto and blockchain philosophy, where all living beings in SIDUS have become one with technology. The game centres around a vast and detailed economic structure — a large part of the P2E side of the gameplay — along with a multitude of gameplay choices including battles, forming alliances, space exploration and even entering political races!

Partnerships and Growth

We’ve seen some huge developments in our partner network and our own Liberty Gaming ecosystem over the last few months!

On the gaming partner front, we have expanded our collection of partners by quite a number, continuing in our tradition of going into collaboration with some of the most promising up-and-coming projects in the space. AAA-rated games are definitely on their way to blockchain gaming, with some of these projects being built by some absolute giants from the world of web2, PC and console gaming. Great things are coming!

If we talk about them all in detail this ‘bitesize’ update will go on forever! Below is a neatly compiled list with links, please feel free to click through to read the finer details. The new game partners in the Liberty Gaming network are:

In further ecosystem and network development news, there have been some more incredibly exciting developments, none more so than the announcement back in June of none-other-than Animoca Brands, the global leader in the world of blockchain gaming and NFT projects, seeing the huge potential Liberty Gaming is bringing to web3 and becoming our lead investor! Read more about this fantastic news here.

Further exciting developments include Liberty Gaming garnering new investment from some big names in the world of VCs and blockchain focussed companies including Astrapto Capital, Mindfulness Capital and blockchain educational and investment platform, Cointelligence.

Away from new Liberty Gaming investors, but still exciting news, we have formed several notable alliances and partnerships. First to mention here is our partnership with AllBlocks, an innovative new multi-chain NFT minting protocol setting out on a mission of ultimate interoperability that could reshape this piece of the puzzle with the endless possibilities they aim to offer.

The final note here on our network growth is the news of Liberty Gaming joining the Sky Meta Guild Alliance, built to assist guild growth and the development of GameFi. Sky Meta is a guild itself, and offers management solutions for gaming NFTs. Additionally, they are building a suite of accessible tools on their platform to simplify the build and scale of a guild.

Liberty Elites

The final mention of this edition of the Liberty Gaming update is an exciting one for our gaming community!

We have, from our community of excellent scholars and gamers, formed a team to enter into GamFi tournaments; the Liberty Elites! The team has already entered it’s first tournament, in the incredibly cool LightChaser game, from one of our newest partners, MetaOasis. Better still we finished the tournament in third place, earning Liberty Gaming 10 Genesis NFT Flagships worth $50,000! Read more about the team’s performance here!

There are many more tournaments on the horizon, coming thick and fast in fact, so for all you Liberty Gaming scholars and gamers out there, make sure you are performing at your best and you may just get selected to represent Liberty Gaming!

Well that pretty much brings you all up to speed in terms of what’s been going on at Liberty Gaming, and you can rest assured we have no intention of slowing down any time soon! There’s an awful lot in the works right now and some huge developments to be announced in the near future so, as always, watch this space!

About Liberty Gaming

Liberty Gaming is a GameFi ecosystem at the forefront of web3 gaming, providing opportunities for every audience in blockchain gaming. Neatly placed within a larger, overarching group comprising a multi-chain launchpad and NFT and Token funds, Liberty Gaming is firmly positioned as an integral part of the GameFi space, both present and future.

Composed of a growing guild and community, high-grade investment team, incubation arm and stellar global partner network, Liberty Gaming represents a new wave of GameFi organisation and an entry portal to GameFi for everyone.

Bringing together investment from huge names, including Animoca Brands, Cointelligence Fund, and Pluto Digital, and experience from JP Morgan, Nomura, Sandbox, SkyLaunch and more, Liberty Gaming has built a foundational team, advisory and investment network to help redefine the GameFi space.

Offering earning, educational, investment and brand growth opportunities through our multi-faceted approach, Liberty Gaming is structured to both accelerate and lead the charge for blockchain-gaming mass adoption.

Stay Tuned!

As we head towards some important milestones in the project’s development, keep an eye on all of our channels below to stay up to date on all things Liberty Gaming. Believe me, you don’t want to miss this train!

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