The Liberty Gaming Ambassador Programme!

Liberty Gaming has grown at an eye-watering rate, and we’d like a few of you to join us on the ride as we expand further

Oliver M
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3 min readApr 5, 2022


Liberty Gaming is growing, and it’s growing so fast we almost can’t keep up. New partners, new games , new investors and investments, it seems you can’t blink without missing some Liberty news. Well, don’t blink now, you don’t want to miss this one!

The Liberty Gaming team has decided to launch the Liberty Gaming Ambassador Programme, for which we’re looking for the best and brightest of our fantastic Liberty Gaming community to assist us in building, representing and growing the Liberty Gaming brand however you can. If you are successful in gaining a role, you will be one of our first ever team of Liberty Gaming Ambassadors!

There are a number of ambassadorial roles we’d like to fill, and there are 25,000 Liberty Gaming tokens available monthly, to those who are accepted and complete the assigned tasks.

What We Are Looking For


Community moderation and management, translating texts into your own language, preferably Indonesian and Vietnamese.


Successful Liberty Gaming referrals to increase people in our community.


Selection of information, new updates, trend watching and analysis


Video reviews / streaming / creating content

All Ambassadors

Maintaining a continuous presence in all Liberty Gaming spheres (likes, reposts, comments, participation in guild events) is a must, and a bonus is provided for the results of its implementation.

There will be, as previously mentioned, rewards available to all ambassadors, and bonuses for completion of all tasks as well as exceptional performance, and not simply tokens, there will be a number of further benefits:

  • The role of honorary ambassador in discord
  • Priority support from the leaders and Liberty Gaming team members!
  • Communication channel with other ambassadors and management 24/7 assistance and training.
  • Scholarship in any Liberty Gaming game
  • Liberty Gaming tokens! Bonus accrual for the competent execution of the work.

We are fortunate to have with us here at Liberty a number of loyal, hardworking community members, and we can see from your work, your competition participation and your general server activities that you have skills too! There is now a fantastic opportunity for any of you, if you are the right candidate for the role, to have those skills rewarded.

If you believe you have what it takes and have the desire and commitment we are looking for, please fill in the form here and apply now! The application form will remain open until we have enough top-quality candidates to fill the roles we are looking for, but don’t take too long or you may miss your chance!

About Liberty Gaming

Liberty Gaming is a GameFi ecosystem at the forefront of web3 gaming, providing opportunities for every audience in blockchain gaming. Neatly placed within a larger, overarching group comprising a multi-chain launchpad and NFT and Token funds, Liberty Gaming is firmly positioned as an integral part of the GameFi space, both present and future.

Composed of a growing guild and community, high-grade investment team, incubation arm and stellar global partner network, Liberty Gaming represents a new wave of GameFi organisation and an entry portal to GameFi for everyone.

Bringing together investment from huge names, including Animoca Brands, Cointelligence Fund, and Pluto Digital, and experience from JP Morgan, Nomura, Sandbox, SkyLaunch and more, Liberty Gaming has built a foundational team, advisory and investment network to help redefine the GameFi space.

Offering earning, educational, investment and brand growth opportunities through our multi-faceted approach, Liberty Gaming is structured to both accelerate and lead the charge for blockchain-gaming mass adoption.

Stay Tuned!

As we head towards some important milestones in the project’s development, keep an eye on all of our channels below to stay up to date on all things Liberty Gaming. Believe me, you don’t want to miss this train!

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