Introducing LibertyLance Referral Program

After a lot of suggestions from our community regarding the introduction of a referral program, we have finally launched our program! In this guide we’ll explain all the details you need to participate in the referral program.

LibertyLance referral program is free to join and requires no technical knowledge. It’s that easy!

You can receive free LTN tokens by referring your friends and followers to our project and the idea of a decentralized gig based marketplace. Here’s how to participate in the referral program:

  • How can I get my referral link?

To get your referral link you have to sign up on our website at

After verifying your email, head over to the ‘Referral Program’ section and copy your referral code.

  • How much reward do you give for each referral?

A user must sign up on our website and HAS to verify their account and connect with their Facebook account as well to receive 10 LTN tokens. 
(Worth $2)

  • Where can I publish my referral link?

After you join our referral program, you can place your referral link on your site, blog, social profiles, forums, telegram groups, Steemit, Medium etc.

You can track your list of referrals under the ‘Referral Program’ section

Attention! Please update your Ethereum wallet address after you sign up on our site.

Note: You will receive the tokens at the end of the Main ICO.

Please do NOT spam your referral link! Anyone found in violation will be suspended from the campaign

Feel free to ask any questions you might have!

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