What is Liberty WA all about?

Liberty WA is a Perth-based group of libertarian thought leaders and civil rights advocates who value your right to life, liberty and property and seek to see the role of government shrink, wherever possible. We are unaffiliated with any political party.


To become a leading voice in Western Australia advocating for civil rights and responsible government in accordance with classical liberal ideals.


  • Help foster a society based on the democratic participation of all its members and the principles of justice, openness, the right to dissent and respect for diversity.
  • Secure the equal rights of everyone and oppose any abuse or excessive power by the state against its people.
  • Influence public debate and government policy on a range of human rights issues.
  • Advocate for a constitutionally guaranteed charter of rights.
  • Prepare submissions to government, issue policy statements and media statements and hold events on the issues of justice, freedom and liberty.
  • Intervene and support court cases defending infringements of civil liberties or other creates of our core values.