Last month on Awesome Ruby

August 2016 Edition

With this story, I will start the tradition of highlighting some of the articles from the Awesome Ruby’s weekly newsletter. I believe that even if you are an expert, you will find something useful. So, without further ado, I will continue with the top stories from Medium:

1. Scaling Rails to 125,000 Requests per Minute on Heroku by Pete Huitsing

Summary: On Heroku, Rails scales fairly easily, but there are some important things to consider. We looked at how various dyno and Postgres settings effect overall performance on Heroku.

2. Rake gem explained by Rudy Yazdi

I am sure you will find some things you didn’t know here. Rudy has just written a very helpful and thorough article on Rake.

3. Rubinius takes the fun out of Ruby by Rubinius

Let’s talk about fun. Not “fun” fun, but the common shortening of the word “function”. I’ll start with a question: “True or false, Ruby has functions?” If you’ve been writing Ruby for any time, this question probably makes you squirm a little. There’s the often touted elegance of Ruby where “everything is an object”. That’s not quite true, though, and very simple to demonstrate.

4. How to combine the benefits of unit and feature testing and not fall into coverage trap by Michał Janeczek

How many methods of testing an app have you seen? Do you have a friend who only believes in the legitimacy of acceptance tests? Or are you loyal fans of TDD and striving for 100% coverage? What is worth testing and when it may be better to let go? How to test an app so that the tests don’t absorb us and really prove useful?

As not all of the cool stories are written on Medium :), I will add a few useful readings more:

5. An Introduction to Crystal: Fast as C, Slick as Ruby

6. The Ruby Community and Reputation

7. Journey of a Trailblazer — Refactoring a real Rails app with Trailblazer

8. Elixir for Rubyists (Tute Costa) — a video presentation featured by thoughtbot

9. Using Rails 5 ActionCable and RethinkDB to build a Reactive WebSocket App

10. Introducing dry-system

This will be all for the August edition of “Last month on Awesome Ruby”. If you wish to be a bit more current with the news, why don’t you check our newsletter out.

Thanks for the time. I hope these articles were useful to you!